Doximple Launches to Make the Consumer King when Shopping for Cost-Effective Healthcare

Launched to even the wellness industry’s playing field, the new digital health startup Doximple makes finding cost-effective healthcare a working principle.


Reston, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/27/2015 --Unfortunately in today's archaic healthcare industry, to find an excellent cash-based specialty care provider is not unlike locating a needle in a haystack. Why can't it be simple to hit the mark the first time and find a sure fit when it comes to cash-based specialists? If only there were a clearly defined online marketplace that offered a wellness referral network similar to Amazon or Call it digital health for the masses where price transparency meets trustworthy referrals, reduced out-of-pocket expenses, and one less trip around the block.

Enter, Doximple. Doximple is the new tech startup that matches consumers and small businesses with effective cash-based healthcare providers. From chiropractors to cardiologists the digital health referral network uses an intuitive user-friendly interface to save money and simplify the process. The health IT startup allows filtered searches for specific ailments and then offers up all potential treatment options. This is in addition to a bevy of available physicians, price comparisons, ratings and locations.

Free for both provider and consumer, from a business building standpoint, Doximple is a marketing tool that helps providers expand their cash-based services. Specialists in every field from massage therapists to primary care physicians can pass along discounts; thereby gaining access to businesses, brokers, third party administrators and consumers alike. To that end, a social component is integrated into the platform that encourages providers and healthcare advocates to educate readers on topics they specialize in. This adds yet another layer to the effectiveness of mHealth that creates an essential place for Doximple.

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About Doximple
Doximple is a referral network that matches healthcare consumers and small businesses with cash-based providers. Narrowing the search for effective specialty care the healthcare startup offers consumers price transparency and reduced out-of-pocket expenses. It encourages product, provider, and price comparison in an online marketplace forum. Doximple does not charge a service fee or require payment processing through its platform.

Grant Moller
Founder & CEO


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