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Dr. Cesar Parra: Master Equestrian Plan Will Protect Riders, Horses

Wellington, Florida, is creating a master equestrian plan that will address horse safety and other important concerns. Dr. Cesar Parra believes that this plan, as well as the upcoming equestrian preserve area, will improve the sport and enhance the safety of riders and their horses.


White Station, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/31/2012 --Bloomberg Businessweek asserts that a new plan, currently in development, will speak to equestrian interests in the city of Wellington, Florida. An area known for its equestrian features, the city is looking to create a plan that will address rider and horse safety, waste disposal, and other concerns. The article asserts that this plan will also "be a framework for the future of Wellington's Equestrian Preserve area, roughly the southern half of the village." Dr. Cesar Parra, an equestrian trainer and founder of Piaffe-Performance, supports this initiative 100 percent. He believes that the creation of such a plan is in the best interest of riders, horses, and equestrian sports as a whole.

The article explains that the plan will be drafted after the Equestrian Preserve Committee analyzes data provided by village staff. Staff members have been documenting details about the preserve and issues concerning the horses and equestrian sports in an effort to pinpoint the changes that need to be made.

One of the major challenges facing the Committee is the issue of transportation. Naturally, the report needs to address horse paths and the Preserve will need to provide them. But cars are also an important mode of transportation that must be considered. Additionally, the use of golf carts poses a problem. Used by riders and grooms, they play an important role in equestrian culture.

Mike O'Dell, who is the Program Director of the initiative, explains the dilemma: "We only have so much space. Do we create different types of roadways to allow for both carts, vehicles, and horses? Let's look at volume of traffic and see what's safe and what's not safe."

Budget is also a concern, as the project has limited funding. Dr. Parra believes that, despite these challenges, the Committee will be able to create a plan that improves equestrian opportunities in southern Florida.

"All of the change in Wellington is really exciting for our sport and it is extremely thrilling to see how the different show organizers are raising the standards of venues, footing, etc." states Dr. Cesar Parra. "All of this new development will unquestionably provide a huge boost to the sport in our country."

Dr. Parra is excited to learn more about this project and anticipates that the release of the finalized report will prove to be a positive milestone within the equestrian community.

About Dr. Cesar Parra
Dr. Cesar Parra is the founder of Piaffe-Performance. A full-service equestrian organization, Piaffe-Performance is based on classic German training methods and key characteristics as taught by Dr. Cesar Parra. These characteristics include integrity, strength of character, perseverance, courtesy, self-control, and sharing. Dr. Cesar Parra provides his students with guidance regarding their communication and relationships with their horses, improving their ability to trust their horses and work together to achieve their goals.