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Dr. Clark Gaither Is the Featured Guest on the AMZ Answers Podcast on July 11th

Hosts Noah and Adam receive Dr. Clark Gaither as their featured guest on the AMZ Answers Podcast.


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/17/2018 --Dr. Clark Gaither is a board-certified family physician and Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. In addition to being an avid writer and author of four books - most recently the best seller Reignite - he is also an accomplished blogger, keynote speaker, corporate consultant and personal life coach. He is the featured guest on The AMZ Answers Podcast newest episode, which aired this Wednesday July 11th, joined by host Noah in a conversation about his specialty - professional burnout - among several other pertaining topics.

The AMZ Answers Podcast is a show hosted by brothers Noah and Adam where they discuss Amazon FBA, how to earn passive income using it and ways to improve and enlighten the experience. They jumped on this train because they were both feeling burned out at their former jobs. Noah felt he was wasting away in the mineral sampling industry, especially after working 24 hours straight on his birthday under a scorching sun, while Adam worked himself to a bad shape in a corporate software company. They couldn't justify holding on to those jobs, and that's when they decided to switch gears by entering the world of Amazon FBA and becoming entrepreneurs.

Amazon FBA stands for Fulfilled By Amazon. It's a system the giant retailer has which they store third party products in its warehouse and send them out once purchased. With this, a person don't necessarily need to have loads of cash flow, a storefront or a storage unit, just a computer and a solid plan. Feeling completely burned out on their regular jobs, Amazon FBA peaked the interest of Noah and Adam, and after interviewing some friends on a different podcast and doing some research, they decided to not only dive in, but also create a community of people interested in the subject and exchange information, tips, and everything else they find helpful.

Professional, job-related Burnout is a serious issue, and oftentimes it can be difficult to identify it, let alone overcome it. Dr. Clark Gaither, like Adam and Noah, found himself feeling burned out in his physician practice as well, and after defeating it, he set on a journey to educate people about it, and hopefully help them regain meaning and purpose in their careers and lives by alleviating, beating it and keep preventing it from happening again, especially when the move to entrepreneurship is made. In this episode of the show, the two men exchange stories about their past struggles, how they felt burned out and what led them to finally decide to change and make their way back to a happier life and more fulfilling career choices. Given Dr. Clark extensive knowledge on the matter, it's a very educating and entertaining conversation.

About: Dr. Clark Gaither
Dr. Clark is also a savvy businessman who does corporate consultations and helps corporations engage with their employees in a way to prevent burnout to happen and increase efficiency in the workplace. Although that's usually occurs more commonly in larger, physical companies, its key guidelines can and should be applied to Amazon FBA based businesses as well, or all business endeavors for that matter. Any sort of job or career can have a tipping point, and being prepared and informed about what can cause that, and how to prevent it, is indispensable for any entrepreneur and professional to maintain focus and keep finding real satisfaction in what they are doing to continue to build their dream.