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Dr. Dale A. Grove Releases Loose Strings


Hagerstown, MD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/04/2016 --Science and religion meet head on as a male Physics professor and female, alien security officer travel through time and the multiverse to alter reality. Most people don't know this, but many of Earth's foundation scientists were deeply religious. Take Galileo Galilee. He got into more trouble for his published interpretations of bible passages, and less so for his views of how the planets rotated around the sun. Sir Isaac Newton—co-inventor of calculus and classical mechanics—in later life tried to predict when the end times occurred according to hidden bible passages. Einstein was also religious. His famous saying, "God does not play dice with the universe", properly portrays his views on quantum physics and the importance of religion.

As a scientist, Dr. Grove explains what scientists mean by the extra dimensions of string theory which brings a little science into a wild science fantasy, romance story. Loose Strings discusses what would happen to an alien world (Regnus) that is totally committed to science to the point that art does not exist, music is only used for formal gatherings, and religion is non-existent. Regnus is so devoted to their science philosophy that they subjugate alien worlds by attempting to control their rate of advancement; this is particularly true for Earth which they view as a dangerous, radical world. Their next target: Dr. Wolfe Sterling, an Earth string theorist that has been meddling with Regnus sponsored reality changes.

Loose Strings opens on a middle-aged, female Regnusian named Rakena who deposits a hypersource, a means of traveling between alternate universes and time, into the hands of earthling Professor Sterling just before Regnus security forces corner her. She bites into a poison capsule to avoid revealing the loose quantum reality string that she has just created. Before dying, she envisions a future where she will fall in love with Sterling, a promising string theorist from the University of Toledo who has been attempting to create his own hypersource.

With Rakena's advanced hypersource in hand, Sterling collides with a younger version of Rakena, who serves as an alien history security officer, hell bent on slowing Earth's technological advances. She has already successfully disposed of Alan Turing and Ludwig Boltzmann by manipulating them into committing suicide. In their first encounters, Sterling thwarts Rakena's attempts to knock Newton, Einstein, and Galileo off their destined paths.

Facing Sterling's opposition, and with her superior's devised plan and orders, Rakena draws in Sterling by feigning interest in Earth's customs while her associates do her dirty work. Rakena ultimately falls in love with Earth's culture and with Wolfe, the man who has unveiled her hidden love of art and religion. Together, Wolfe and Rakena act as two loose strings that pull apart the fabric of reality and alter the course of the multiverse.

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Loose Strings is Dr. Dale A. Grove's fourth book. By day, Dr. Grove is an imaginative product developer who holds over ten patents and who has worked for such firms as Owens Corning, Johns Manville, LNP Engineering Plastics, and US Silica. Two of his other books, Gray Maneuvers and Gray Extraction, examine the emerging impact of mind control technology (Gray Technology); there is an inherent danger of mapping the human mind, while ELIZA reveals what could happen if a mistreated, sentient alien went berserk.

Dr. Grove is open to interviews about any of his published works, and his works can be found at