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Dr. Frank Arnold, Dentist in Milledgeville, GA Emphasizes the Importance of Root Canal Therapy vs. Extraction for Infected Teeth

Milledgeville, GA dentist Dr. Frank Arnold offers root canal therapy for restoration of infected teeth


Milledgeville, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/08/2016 --Georgia dentist Dr. Frank Arnold is emphasizing the important role that root canal therapy can play in protecting the foundation of patient's smile in the instance of infected teeth. When a patient has an infected tooth, root canal therapy is the much-preferred option compared to extraction in order to help keep the patient's oral health the best condition possible.

Many patients do not understand the ramifications that tooth extraction can have on their smile when their infected tooth could have been saved using root canal therapy. While tooth extraction is generally the less expensive option up-front, Dr. Arnold cautions patients that they will likely pay for the consequences years down the road. When a salvageable tooth is extracted due to partial infection, it leaves nothing behind to support the bone, tissues, and other teeth that surround that tooth. Over time, this leads to jaw bone depletion and gum resorption, which can eventually lead to the loss of the surrounding teeth as well.

Root canal therapy preserves the healthy portion of the tooth after removing the infected portion that presents danger to the patient's oral health. It keeps the root of the tooth intact, leaving it in place to support the surrounding jawbone, gum tissues, and surrounding teeth. Once the root canal therapy is completed, Dr. Arnold places an artificial porcelain crown that restores the aesthetics of the infected tooth.

Dr. Arnold advises patients that if they are experiencing any symptoms of pain in the tooth when biting down, tooth pain while chewing, facial swelling, or oversensitivity of the teeth with hot or cold drinks, they may be dealing with an infected tooth that is in need of root canal therapy. Diagnosing and treating infected teeth at their earlier stages is important in preventing the spread of the infection into the jawbone or face which can lead to more severe health problems.

Contrary to what most patients think, root canal therapy is actually associated with very little pain. Any pain or discomfort experienced during the procedure is typically only during the initial application of anesthetic. However, Dr. Arnold offers oral sedation services to help patients have a comfortable, painless dental visit from start to finish.

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Dr. Arnold has more than three decades of experience as a dental professional. In addition to root canal therapy and oral sedation, Dr. Arnold offers a variety of other dental services including veneers, teeth whitening, treatment for TMD, and more.

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