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Dr. Luke Henn Offers Alternatives to Traditional Braces for Straightening Smiles Quickly and Effectively

Henn Orthodontics in Louisville offers a variety of orthodontic alternatives to traditional braces


Louisville, KY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/21/2016 --Louisville-area residents who want a straighter smile but don't want to resort to treatment with traditional braces can find a variety of alternative solutions at Henn Orthodontics. Dr. Luke Henn is now offering some of the latest technology that is helping patients straighten their smiles quickly, effectively, and more aesthetically.

Dr. Henn now offers a new FDA-cleared device that is helping orthodontic patients—no matter their form of treatment—accelerate their treatment time. AcceleDent is a small handheld device attached to custom fitted tray that is inserted into the patient's mouth. The device emits calibrated micropulses using exclusive SoftPulse Technology that aids in the movement of teeth during orthodontic treatment. These micropulses are very gentle and exert eight times less force that an electric toothbrush. The vibrations help to speed up bone remodeling, a process that occurs as the force of the orthodontic treatment move the teeth and root within the jaw bones. Patients are instructed to use the device 20 minutes per day, and many patients report that it reduces their overall treatment time by half, giving them a straighter smile more quickly.

At Henn Orthodontics, Dr. Henn offers only the latest forms of orthodontic treatment. In fact, Dr. Henn does not offer traditional metal braces with brackets and rubber bands because of the other, more effective, forms of treatments available at his office. Dr. Henn's standard orthodontic treatment is self-ligating braces, which can be in stainless steel or ceramic form. These braces are the most current form of new technology braces in the industry and are very comfortable and effective for the patient. The design of these braces does not require the tightening of wires every 4-6 weeks. Rather, each bracket is spring loaded to maintain pressure on the arch wires in a way that gradually shifts teeth through means other than manual tightening.

Dr. Henn also offers other options for orthodontic treatment for patients who are a bit more concerned about the appearance of the smiles during treatment. Lingual braces are a newer form of technology that place the brackets and wires of braces on the back, or lingual side of the teeth. These are a great option for patients who want the benefit of straighter teeth without wanting to alter their appearance with ceramic or stainless steel brackets. Lingual braces are practically unnoticeable to others and are an affordable orthodontic option for patients.

Dr. Henn also offers Invisalign clear aligners for patients with mild to moderate misalignment and who want to improve their smile without altering their appearance. These clear plastic trays fit snugly over the teeth and are virtually invisible at speaking distance. They can be removed when eating and brushing, and patients have the flexibility of removing them for special occasions when they want to look and speak their best.

About Dr. Luke Henn
Dr. Henn has been practicing as an orthodontist for several years. He originally completed his dental degree at Indiana University School of Dentistry. After graduation, he served as a dentist in the U.S. Navy during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and afterward while practicing in private practice he completed his specialty training in orthodontics at Indiana University.

To learn more about Dr. Luke Henn, the AcceleDent device or the variety of alternative orthodontic treatments he offers at Henn Orthodontics in Louisville, KY, please visit www.hennortho.com.