An Evolution in Chiropractic

Dr. Morgan Oaks Interview Announces a Modern Approach to Chiropractic Care and Beyond


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2020 --A bit different from the typical chiropractic doctors, Doctor Morgan Oaks has his finger in different kinds of pie. Well, these pies are all associated – but they're not the typical disciplines being practiced by a chiropractor as part of his service to the patients.

In his own words, Doctor Morgan blends ancient healing techniques with modern transformation to really get people the highest outcomes.

"…I'm really trying to help support people around developing their intuition so they can listen to what feels is best and most true for them. And helping with this 3-stage process where they (1) get clarity, (2) they courageously step into that clarity and (3) take inspired action. And they just keep doing that. We know that business, life, health, relationship, all of it, is going to move in a good direction if they're listening and stepping."

Sounds a bit confusing? It really does start that way as intuition is really an abstract concept that he is trying to school people into developing. During the interview, Oaks gave the perfect metaphor for what he's trying to achieve in his practice:

"If you think about riding a bicycle, and if you've ever seen somebody balancing at a stoplight. And they're not moving; they're just sitting there balancing without putting their feet down. Only the best bicyclist can do that. But once you get a bike moving forward, it's very easy to keep it balanced. I think a lot of people in life, they end up stopped. And then they're wondering why forward momentum is difficult for them. It's because, they're trying to balance at a stoplight on a bicycle."

First things first – who exactly is Doctor Morgan Oaks?

He didn't start out as a chiropractic doctor, however, as he reveals during the interview.

"I started off as a mechanical engineer. Right, typical scientist. Got into chiropractic. Did the most researched forms of chiropractic, added in physical therapy, added in early linguistic programming - all really highly researched areas."

So why did he suddenly make that shift towards coaching?

"I had a spiritual awakening where energy work, shamanic work just started happening intuitively and organically with me. And what I really believe kind of that combination of the ... some of the stuff from the past that is little bit more difficult to believe or hold on to. When we combine that with the science of mental, emotional and physical transformation, like it's just so powerful to blend all of it together…"

Knowing that his first interest was engineering – it somehow makes perfect sense why the practice of the chiropractic profession branched out into other aspects of health. After all, chiropractic medicine is primarily done to address pain and achieve a healthy balance in a patient's muscular and skeletal structure. Once these aspects are addressed, it's perfectly natural to extend that balance a little further through developed intuition.

So how exactly does Dr. Oaks manifest his teachings to help his mentees? His explanation is wonderfully elaborate and tells everything exactly what is expected from this man.

"…visualization requires you to think about what you want. "I visualize that house I want". "I can visualize that relationship I want". "I can come up with the dollar amount that I wanna make per month or per year". Right? But those are all from my mental conscious mind. So one of the steps for clarity is intuition, a lot of times, will come around when we are not thinking. So, holding a question loosely and going on a walk in nature is a great way to let in intuition or synchronicity. Or something from the universe or unconscious mind come in. So, I like blending intuition and synchronicity and clarity to the really conscious journaling, visualizing, meditating, some of the other tools for transformation."

Simply put, Dr. Oaks' methods take into consideration both the conscious and unconscious desires – and helps unify the two into reality. He gives a glimpse of this process through his article "6 Keys to Living Your Top Life".

But what are these 6 keys exactly? That's: past present and future and the other three keys are clarity, courage, and inspired actions.

It all seems a little vague until Dr. Oaks helps put his process into perspective.

"…I would ask a questionnaire on really gauging for energy, courage, clarity, influence and productivity. And so we get kind of a baseline of like, how's life going? Right, and then based on that a lot of times it shows up and it's very, very obvious. And even if somebody says like "oh this is my pain point over here". A lot of times in the process, you're just having a lot of experience in personal growth, mentorship, coaching. Being chiropractor is really easy to see what else is actually going on. And then as a high-performance coach, I would take somebody through 12 specific sessions to make sure that all those areas get kind of worked out and leveled up…"

He explains further: "Now with that, I also blend in the early linguistic programming. I really like addressing the unconscious mind. And then a lot of times there'll be like an energetic or spiritual component of it as well. And we'll do work on that. So, I might do things like cord cutting or soul retrieval. How can people really quickly let go of what's not serving them and make sure they bring back all of the good that they are."

That's just a small glimpse into a long process however and with all the dedication it takes to make it successful, it's not surprising that when prompted about his favored superpower, Dr. Oaks still sticks to the skill he spent a lifetime developing: absolute clarity of intuition.

About Doctor Morgan Oaks
Doctor Morgan is a licensed chiropractor practicing in Seattle. He has more than 16 years of experience in the medical field and earned his degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic Medical School in 2004. Today, he is also a distinguished keynote speaker and a high-performance coach. In fact, he once hosted a TEDx Talk titled Learning the Language of Dude which is primarily focused on learning to listen to one's intuition and then following it.

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