Dr. Paul C. Drago, MD

Dr. Paul Drago Is an Expert ENT Specialist and Cosmetic Surgeon, with 25 Years of Experience

The South Carolina-based otolaryngologist has served patients who were dealing with acute trauma caused by medical issues in the ears, nose, and throat.


Greenville, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/20/2019 --Currently working in South Carolina's Department of Corrections as a Medical Director, Dr. Paul Drago also serves citizens of the state who are seeking treatment for injuries and issues related to the ears, nose, and throat. He's conducted extensive research over a long period of time to provide patients with the most effective treatment possible; Dr. Drago takes all factors into account before coming up with a diagnosis.

With more than 12 million Americans misdiagnosed each year, Dr. Drago takes extra care and time so his patients are accurately diagnosed and treated. Considering that his specialty is ENT-related issues, Dr. Drago wants to prevent any chances of a misdiagnosis being made, which can possibly lead to harmful consequences.

"Medicine is not an exact science. We use evidence, clues—whatever we can get our hands on to come up with an accurate diagnosis. Patients should never risk their health and facial aesthetics by going to someone who doesn't have the experience to back their worth, just because it's easier. As an expert with over two decades of experience, I can say with assurance that my patients can depend on me to diagnose them correctly and treat them well," Dr. Paul Drago stated.

In addition to treating patients with ENT problem and disorders, Dr. Paul Drago has also helped improve the quality of life for many clients who had allergies, diseases and deformities related to their nose, throat, ears, neck and head, but did not know it. Diagnosing the root cause of any such illness or disorder can be tricky, since a general physician cannot get to the bottom of it with a general checkup alone.

As a physician who received specialty training in order to become an ENT specialist, Dr. Paul Drago is considered to be an expert physician in the field. Dr. Paul Drago is an expert surgeon as well and has treated a long list of patients who suffered from mobility issues, facial wounds and loss of sensation.

In addition, Dr. Drago provides his care for long-term cases of sickness, emergency treatments and routine medical checkups as well. In short, Dr. Drago offers comprehensive inpatient services for all otolaryngology problems in Greenville, South Carolina.

About Dr. Paul Drago
Dr. Paul Drago is an expert ENT specialist and surgeon, serving patients in Greenville, SC. Dr. Drago also provides cosmetic surgery and corrective surgery for patients who may have suffered wounds or loss of sensation in their facial muscles.

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