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Dr. Paul Drago Makes Facial Reconstructive Cosmetic Treatments Available to Clients in Greenville

South Carolina-based surgeon and ENT specialist, Dr. Paul Drago is adding facial reconstructive treatments to his list of cosmetic surgery solutions. The service is available to all residents of Greenville and nearby territories.


Greenville, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/18/2019 --Dr. Paul Drago is a renowned surgeon based in Greenville and has been practicing corrective and cosmetic surgery for over 25 years. In a recent announcement, Dr. Drago has decided to expand on his list of cosmetic surgery solutions and is now offering clients the option of availing reconstructive surgery.

Clients interested in availing Dr. Drago's facial reconstructive cosmetic treatments will be able to find solutions for:

- Nose reshaping and Rhinoplasty aftercare consultancy
- Reduction of facial fat from the cheeks, chin, jawline and neck area
- Smoothening of wrinkles and fine lines from the under-eyes, jawline and neck area
- Eyebrow lifting
- Skin tightening procedures
- Facial shape alteration.

"Anyone who knows Dr. Drago knows that he loves incorporating modern technology into all his cosmetic treatments. He's been offering non-invasive and surgical treatments for facial scars and wounds for several years. It was only a matter of time when he'd branch onto reconstructive treatments," says a staff member of Dr. Drago's medical team.

Dr. Drago has been a student of Otolaryngology and corrective surgery and holds a comprehensive background in treating problems in the ear, nose, throat and head.

Ever since the inception of his private practice clinic in Greenville, Dr. Drago had been helping his patients overcome pain, disease, infection, deformity and discomfort within the ENT zone via surgical procedures. He often chooses to combine his specialization in Otolaryngology to provide relief to patients dealing with acute trauma such as burns and scars.

"Facial reconstructive surgery was only the logical next step. He has the necessary experience and knowledge required to perform reconstructive surgery successfully. I feel like this is great news for the residents of Greenville and beyond since Dr. Drago is well-trusted in this locality," commented a spokesperson for the doctor.

Local residents interested in facial reconstructive surgery can get in touch with Dr. Paul Drago via the contact form listed on his website.

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Dr. Paul Drago is a surgeon and ENT specialist who provides both non-invasive and surgical procedures for the treatment of medical problems in the ears, nose, throat, neck and head.

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