Dr. Paul C. Drago, MD

Dr. Paul Drago Offers Corrective Cosmetic Surgery for Patients with Post-Weight Loss Facial Fat Management Issues

Dr. Drago is helping patients regain their confidence post-weight loss


Greenville, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2019 --Dr. Paul Drago has helped many patients in South Carolina achieve their desired post-weight loss body and face. Offering corrective surgery for patients seeking ENT treatments, Dr. Paul Drago utilizes his skills to ensure clients that they receive the surgery they need to bring their faces back to their former glory. In addition to facelift surgeries, Doctor Drago administers other corrective treatments such as cheekbone reductions, v-line reductions, double chin reductions, facial liposuction and moreā€”all to remove excess skin.

Because a surgeon has to work with a network of sensitive tissue and delicate facial muscles, it's important that patients go to a professional to get the job done. Due to factors such as excess skin and decreased skin thickness, only someone who has had years of experience under their belt can be depended upon to do the job right.

"Most people don't realize that even something as basic as tightening the cheek and neck skin takes a lot of hard work and effort. You have to make sure there are no major complications and the face retains its shape and fullness completely post-op. Hit the wrong nerve and things can go awry pretty quick. I make sure to give my clients the attention they need so they get the results they want," Dr. Paul Drago stated.

Unlike body contouring surgeries, the complications of which can be worked on and hidden underneath one's clothing, any issues that come as a result of facial surgeries cannot be concealed so easily.

To make sure the situation doesn't reach this stage, Dr. Drago uses all the tools in his arsenal to make sure that clients get satisfying results. Using modified techniques for facial surgeries that were designed for dealing with patients with massive weight loss and the best equipment, Dr. Drago ensures that all facial rejuvenation treatments go as planned.

In addition to providing facial surgeries, Dr. Drago offers treatments and surgeries for patients needing comprehensive care for all ENT-related ailments as well. A leader in the otolaryngology field, Dr. Drago's specialty includes working with patients with acute facial trauma, in addition to providing care for those with specific ENT disorders and deformities such as wounds, loss of sensation, mobility, and more.

Dr. Paul Drago also offers emergency treatments, routine medical checkups and long-term care for patients in need of an ENT specialist.

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Dr. Paul Drago in South Carolina is a leading expert for all treatments and surgeries related to the otolaryngology field i.e. treatment of the ears, nose, throat and head. Dr. Drago is currently serving at South Carolina's Department of Corrections as a Medical Director.

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