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Dr. Ramsey Ezaki Offers Custom Mouth Guards for Whittier, CA Patients to Protect Their Smiles During Sports

Whittier, CA dentist Dr. Ramsey Ezaki helps patients protect their smiles during sports with custom protective mouth guards


Whittier, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/30/2016 --Since the mid-1990s, the American Dental Association has recommended orofacial protectors with proper fit, including mouth guards for all sports activities, regardless of age. According to the International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry, up to 39 percent of all child dental injuries that occur each year are sports-related. Whittier dentist Dr. Ramsey Ezaki is helping local patients prevent these types of dental injuries during sports by offering custom-fitted protective mouth guards. Mouth guards can be worn by athletes of all ages to prevent damage that can occur during sports such as teeth becoming loose or knocked out, or lacerations to the cheeks, tongue, and lips.

While mouth guards are recommended for contact sports like football, hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, basketball, baseball, and soccer, both adults and children should also consider protective mouth guards for other sports that can result in dental injuries due to force, such as skiing, surfing, skateboarding, gymnastics, mountain biking, and more. Mouth guards are made from materials designed to absorb energy from impact on the jaw and skull, preventing fracturing of the teeth and jaw as well as jaw dislocation. In addition, mouth guards have even shown to help prevent concussions from minor injuries such as those listed above.

Although generic mouth guards are available at most sporting stores, these often don't provide athletes with the level of protection they need to prevent the most extreme forms of dental injuries during sports. Additionally, these generic mouth guards are usually uncomfortable and ill-fitting due to the absence of individual sizing. Dr. Ezaki offers custom mouth guards that are designed specifically for the patient's mouth. He uses a special kind of thin plastic that is hardened to protect the patient's teeth. While these offer maximum protection, these mouth guards are still thin to allow for easy breathing and communication.

In addition to custom protective mouth guards for sports and physical activity, Dr. Ezaki also offers custom night guards for patients who struggle with clenching or grinding their teeth at night. This condition, called bruxism, can not only damage and wear down the teeth, but can lead to the patient experiencing chronic headaches, jaw pain, and neck tension. Furthermore, Dr. Ezaki offers geriatric care as well as an array of general care options such as general cleanings and exams, dentures, crowns, bridges, and teeth whitening.

About Dr. Ezaki
Dr. Ezaki has nearly four decades of experience as a dental professional. He completed his dental education in 1980 at the USC School of Dentistry and later became a faculty member at USC, teaching adult restorative and children's dentistry. He is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry and the Academy of International Studies and is renowned for his expertise and contributions as a dental educator. In 2014, Dr. Ezaki was named one of America's Top Dentists by the Consumer Research Council of America.

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