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Dr. Richard Waghalter Offers Advanced Procedure for Houston Patients to Correct Failed Root Canals

Houston dentist Dr. Richard Waghalter provides apicoectomy procedures at Healthy Smiles of Houston


Bellaire, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/02/2016 --Dr. Richard Waghalter of Healthy Smiles of Houston is giving local patients in Bellaire and the surrounding areas the chance to preserve their natural teeth even after a failed root canal by offering an advanced apicoectomy procedures. This procedure is very technical and is only performed by dental professionals that have received exclusive training in periodontics.

The apicoectomy procedure is typically the last resort for patients who have undergone a root canal due to tooth decay but still have lingering infection in the tooth root. This procedure, when done correctly, preserves the natural tooth in place so that it does not have to be extracted due to the decay. It saves the patient from having to undergo further restorative procedures in the instance of having to extract the tooth like bridges or dental implants.

Also referred to as root end surgery, an apicoectomy is a surgical procedure that is completed by removing the infected tip of the tooth's root that is embedded in the gum tissues. After the root tip is removed, the tooth root is then sealed off to prevent any future spread of infection. With the help of the apicoectomy procedure, patients can still have a healthy, functioning tooth for years to come even after an infection.

Dr. Waghalter also specializes in root canal treatment, which is generally considered the first line of defense for treating an infected tooth before an apicoectomy is considered. When a tooth becomes badly decayed, the interior living portion of the tooth's tissue, also called the pulp, can become infected along with the nerves in the tooth and cause severe tooth pain for the patient. When left untreated, this infection can travel through the root of the tooth into the jawbone. Root canal treatment is a procedure that removes the infected tissue and nerves inside of the tooth while cleaning and sealing it to prevent future infections. With root canal treatment, many patients with infected teeth are able to keep their teeth in place instead of having to extract them just to eliminate the infection.

About Dr. Richard Waghalter
Dr. Waghalter is one of the most experienced dental professionals in the Houston area and is a respected leader in periodontology. He has been practicing dentistry for more than 40 years and specializes in dental implants and periodontal procedures. Throughout his career, Dr. Waghalter has completed numerous continuing education courses to advance his expertise and technique, and has also spent nearly 25 years teaching university students. He is an internationally published author and lecturer, and has received countless awards and honors for his advanced methods and contributions to the dental industry.

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