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Dr. Robert Whitfield Brings Innovative AccuTite Treatment to Austin


West Lake Hills, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2019 --As the leading specialist in non-surgical skin recovery in Austin, it's no surprise that Dr. Whitfield is now performing the latest innovative skin treatment, AccuTite.

AccuTite is a non-surgical option to plastic surgery. Developed by InMode, it's a safe, precise, treatment that is effective in tightening various areas of the face and body and restoring skin to a youthful, firm appearance.

How Does It Work?

What sets AccuTite apart from other non-surgical skin treatments is its speed and efficiency. It requires no general anesthesia and causes no pain during treatment, which takes only minutes.

AccuTite is administered via a handheld device consisting of a cannula (hollow needle) and an extended arm, each containing an electrode.

The tiny cannula will be inserted through a small insertion in the skin in the area to be treated. A local anesthesia will numb the area, and it will leave no scarring or bruising.

Once the cannula is underneath the skin, the device uses advanced radio-frequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL) to emit a radio current between the electrodes in the cannula and the extended arm, causing soft skin to tighten. This creates visible skin rejuvenation in minutes.

After the treatment is finished, the needle is removed and the process is complete.

Patients will see immediate results that improve with time, and there is no need for a recovery period. It only takes minutes to take years off your look with a precision AccuTite treatment.

About Dr. Robert Whitfield
Dr. Robert Whitfield is now offering AccuTite treatments in Austin, TX.

AccuTite is only the latest in his non-surgical product line. He combined three state-of- the-art technologies to create his own effective treatment for facial reconstruction, EmbraceRF. This highly successful alternative to plastic surgery is designed to target and recover specific areas of the face before surgery is needed.

His work developing his own line of non-surgical skin treatments shows his passion for his patients and his career, making him the number one provider of non-surgical skin recovery in Austin.

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