Dr. Roy Rivera, Jr.

Dr. Roy Rivera Releases New Book "Shantay, You Stay: A Healthcare Provider's Guide to LGBT+ Inclusive Practices"

Renowned physical therapist Dr. Rivera shares his new book “Shantay, You Stay: A Healthcare Provider’s Guide to LGBT+ Inclusive Practices” to promote a safe space for patients.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/27/2021 --Dr. Roy Rivera, CEO, and Director of Rehabilitation at Crom Rehabilitation, an outpatient physical therapy facility in Houston, TX, announces plans to launch his new title, Shantay, You Stay: A Healthcare Provider's Guide to LGBT+ Inclusive Practices. The comprehensive book will touch on straightforward methods healthcare providers can adopt to effectively transform their practices into LGBT+ friendly and affirming environments.

By giving readers an outline of the health disparities existing within the LGBT+ community and providing solutions to bridging those gaps, Dr. Rivera intends to spark change in the healthcare industry. Any individual on the healthcare provider spectrum, from diabetic educators to neurosurgeons, will find practical use from this book. Shantay, You Stay will provide healthcare providers a detailed avenue designed to align their practices with LGBT+ inclusive standards so that they can best treat their patients.

In his book, Dr. Rivera highlights each point of contact with the patient, beginning with the reception area intake and offers advice on how readers can tailor the experience to respectfully accommodate LGBT+ patients. He covers every step beyond that as well, all the way through completion of the episode of care.

Shantay, You Stay recognizes the need to start simple. To easily become accustomed to these LGBT+ friendly standards, healthcare workers can first acknowledge gender identity and preferred pronouns by collecting this information though their intake forms. This minor practice change will undoubtedly result in a more thorough and accurate medical examination, ultimately leading to a better quality of life for the patient. Shantay, You Stay adamantly pushes the notion that LGBT+ individuals deserve equal treatment for pain and disability, free of any stigma stemming from sexuality.

About Dr. Roy Rivera, Jr.
Dr. Roy Rivera, Jr., PT, Ph.D., DPT, MCHES, leads Crom Rehabilitation in Houston Heights and Pearland, where he specializes in sports medicine and orthopedic rehabilitation with a strong exercise-based treatment philosophy. He holds various prestigious degrees and certifications and has been proudly practicing in the Greater Houston area since 2005.

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