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Dr. Sam Cigno Offers St. Louis, MO Dental Patients Accelerated Orthodontic Treatment with FastBraces Technology

St. Louis Dentist Dr. Sam Cigno is a Senior Master Affiliate for FastBraces


St. Louis, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/17/2016 --Patients of Dr. Sam Cigno in St. Louis, MO now have access to one of the latest forms of orthodontic treatment that is providing straight, beautiful smiles faster than traditional braces. As a Senior Master Affiliate for FastBraces, Dr. Cigno offers this new treatment for patients who desire straighter smiles within just a few short months.

Traditional braces generally require a treatment time of about two years. This form of orthodontic treatment moves teeth into position in two different stages, first moving the crowns of the teeth into alignment and then aligning the roots of the teeth. While this treatment is effective, many patients still desire an option for orthodontic treatment that requires less time spent with brackets attached to their teeth.

FastBraces technology utilizes an advanced design of brackets and wires that facilitates an accelerated treatment time, and is just as safe and effective as traditional braces. FastBraces brackets are triangular in shape, compared to the square shape of traditional metal brackets. This advanced triangular bracket, when paired with a special heat-activated wire, works to move the tooth root and crown all together in one phase, dramatically reducing the necessary treatment time for patients. In most instances, FastBraces patients require less than one year of treatment, with some only needing treatment for a few short months to properly align their smiles.

Other benefits of FastBraces when compared to traditional braces include less sensitivity for the patient because of the nature of the different forces used to move the teeth, along with fewer office visits. A reduced treatment period and less of a need for adjustments in office means that patients don't need to take as much time off of school or work for appointments, also spending less money on gas getting to and from appointments. An additional benefit of FastBraces is that patients often experience less tooth decay because of the shortened treatment, since brushing and flossing properly can become more difficult when brackets and wires are attached to the teeth.

As a Senior Master Affiliate for FastBraces, Dr. Sam Cigno is one of the most experienced providers of this advanced orthodontic technology in the St. Louis area. Patients who are interested in improving their smiles with this technology can schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Cigno to determine if they are a good candidate for this treatment.

About Dr. Cigno
Dr. Sam Cigno is passionate about dentistry and strives to offer the latest cutting-edge technology at his practice to ensure that his patients are receiving the highest level of care. He completed his dental education at Washington University in St. Louis but has been regularly involved in continuing dental education courses throughout his career. Dr. Cigno is a member of the ADA and is also a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry.

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