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Dr. Scott Sumner and RCW Financial Release a New Economic Report

Leading economist offers in-depth analysis of key economic trends across the United States


Waltham, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/31/2014 --Economist Dr. Scott Sumner and RCW Financial have released their latest report, titled “The Economic Update: The Current Investment Environment.”

The report delves into some of the major contributing factors related to the current economic malaise in the United States. Citing issues like the prolonged decline of interest rates nationwide and the country’s lackluster employment growth in recent years, Dr. Sumner’s report provides some valuable insights into the state of the national economy and what it means for investors.

Dr. Sumner’s prescription for eager investors involves a diversified approach. With stock prices lingering at a relatively high valuation, investments in antiquities, precious metals and rare coins are seeing some of the most promising returns. He also details the benefits of real estate investments.

“Stocks are still a good long-term investment for people willing to ride out any near-term ‘corrections,’” Dr. Sumner writes. “Nevertheless, given the relatively high valuations of stocks, bonds and even gold, it’s worth considering diversifying into alternative investments. Real estate is one possibility, as values remain reasonable in selected markets.”

The report closes by acknowledging the potential advantages of careful, diversified investment in these types of alternative options, including wealth preservation, portability, privacy, subjective value, among others.

Dr. Sumner, an economics professor at Bentley University and a nationally acclaimed author of numerous high-profile articles and reports on economic policy, is possibly best known for his work on the development of the NGDP targeting policy by the U.S. Federal Reserve largely credited for halting the economy’s downward spiral in 2011. His nominal GDP model has earned him the rank of 15 on ForeignPolicy.com’s list of Top 100 Global Thinkers. In addition, The Atlantic has referred to Dr. Sumner as “The Blogger Who Saved the Economy.”

“The U.S. economy is likely to continue recovering, with unemployment falling to about 5 percent over the next couple of years,” Dr. Sumner says. “The recent decision to eliminate the extended unemployment benefits might lead to an even more rapid fall in the unemployment rate. On the other hand, the [Congressional Budget Office] has estimated that Obamacare will lead to the loss of roughly 2 million full-time equivalent jobs. Higher taxes and more burdensome regulations will also be a drag on the supply side of the economy.”

To access “The Economic Update: The Current Investment Environment” by Dr. Scott Sumner, visit http://www.rcwfinancial.com/Resources/EconomicReports.