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Dr. William Moyal of Moyal Chiropractic Relieves Patients with 3 Stages of Care Technique

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Miami Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/02/2016 --Over the past 30 years, Florida's very own Dr. William Moyal of Moyal Chiropractic has created a special concoction in efforts to treat and relieve pain in the most efficient way using the 3 stages of care technique. Dr. Moyal's patients range from the neighbor next door to professional athletes to famous actors, all receiving the same 3 stage care technique.

Unless the patient has a very unique case, most all patients will receive the 3 stage care treatment. The first stage directly focuses on symptomatic relief as in reduction of pain or other vexations, second stage targets tissue healing and calibrating function normalization, and the last stage hones in on preventative maintenance to try and minimize future flare-ups of old injuries and ward off degenerative spinal processes from occurring.

Relief care is the first stage for most all of Dr. Moyal's patients and the primary goal is to relieve the patient of their symptoms. This initial stage allows the patient to continue their normal daily activities but is also still advised to "take it easy" in order to avert additional injuries. The therapy techniques that Dr. Moyal performs during this stage reduces inflammation and muscle spasms.

The second stage is corrective care where Dr. Moyal begins to correct the problem area by healing and rehabilitating the injured tissues. It is very important that the patient adhere to all instructed home exercises, follow-up appointments and other recommended instructions given by the doctor. Since the tissues and structures are not fully healed at this stage the patient is prone to future problems even though the pain and discomfort have subsided.

The "Wellness Care" stage is Dr. Moyal's final step in treating his patient. Once the spinal tissues are healed and the spinal biomechanics have calibrated the patient is then recommended to continue occasional spinal checkups. Depending on the individual's situation, Dr. Moyal may recommend routine checkups anywhere from every month to once a year in order to maintain wellness as well as prevent minor problems and disturbances before they're able to cause pain or irreversible tissue damage.

Dr. Moyal and his staff at Moyal Chiropractic offer a unique, reputable treatment in addition to their admirable customer service as a "cherry on top." Moyal Chiropractic can help you with chiropractic care, spinal decompression, sports injury care, rehab therapy, stretch & flexibility training, herniated disks, sciatica and much more.

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About Dr. William Moyal
Known as the "hidden secret of Miami Beach," Dr. William Moyal specializes in sports injury care with more than 28 years of working with Olympic athletes from all over the globe. Moyal Chiropractic offers a unique approach that was developed by Dr. Moyal's studies under 30 of the world's best doctors in medicine and is also one of the leading experts in non-surgical disk treatment.