DragonEx and Revain Reach a Strategic Partnership


Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/26/2018 --On November 23, Cryptocurrency exchange giant, DragonEx, reached a strategic partnership with the rising blockchain-based review platform, Revain. Collaboration details have been confirmed by both sides. According to the agreement, R/USDT trading pair will be listed on "NEW" (one of 4 independent markets on DragonEx). In exchange, Revain lists DragonEx on its review platform.

DragonEx is a Singapore-based Cryptocurrency trading platform launched on November 2, 2017.

Dragon Token (DT) is the platform token of DragonEx which stands for dividends sharing equity. Taking the advantage of DT, DragonEx has become one of the top-20 Cryptocurrency exchange in the world through its innovative trading-mining model and holding-sharing feature.

Revain was created to bring trustworthiness to online reviews using blockchain technology. Its platform is designed to accumulate authentic user reviews on startups and projects that have concluded their crowdfunding/ICO stage. The platform is bringing to life the service that will finally allow businesses to receive detailed and genuine feedback about their projects, while users will get access to other people's experience with ICOs and share their own insights as well. The platform aggregates information on token dynamics and major milestones in each listed startup's development. Revain announced that its version 1.0 of the platform completed beta testing in October 2018.

Collaboration details are as follows:

DragonEx lists R/USDT trading pair at 15:00 November 23, 2018 (UTC+8).

Revain adds DragonEx on its review platform, where users can give remarks and scores to it. DragonEx is the 11th exchange listed on Revain, which provides analysis in depth to help users understand the ICO project or exchange.

Besides, DragonEx Academy will hold an online roadshow for Revain, where Revain can share their ideas of marketing with users on DragonEx.

Activity on social media is also ongoing to boost the cooperation. Users can get 50R easily by several steps.

DragonEx has been constantly improving the breadth and depth of the exchange, working with a number of quality projects deeply. The strategic partnership between DragonEx and Revain is conducive to collecting comments and suggestions from the vast number of users, helping to perfect the user experience on DragonEx. In the meanwhile, it will also bring users and traffic to Revain, which will have a great impact on extending the coverage.

DragonEx has been constantly pursuing the ideas of user-first, community-driven and shared-benefits since its launch, and it also contributes to the development of the exchange which initiates the trading-mining model with holding-sharing feature.

According to the Smart Contract of DT, the mining difficulty increased by 50% as from November 2, 2018, leading to a reduction in the daily release volume. DragonEx will also reduce its equity share step by step, to ensure a shift of DT occurs from inflation to deflation, with the benefits of DT returning to the community. In addition, DragonEx has launched a community voting system to push on community autonomy. The decentralized DragonEx is moving forward.