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Protecting Self Esteem in Children with ADHD/ADD


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2013 --The most damaging aspect for a child with ADHD or ADD can be low self esteem. Even though the drugs for ADHD can have harmful side effects, it is often the low self esteem from the childhood ADHDfrustrations that ultimately can cause the most damage in their life. The low self esteem increases the risk in their adult lives for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, impaired relationships, and lack of motivation for successful careers.

Children with ADHD or ADD may frequently express how they feel that they are not smart enough, that they feel they will always be behind in school, academics don't come easy for them like it does for their friends, and they do not know if things are ever going to get easier for them. They may be teased or mocked by other kids for struggling academically. If they are impulsive or have difficulty with social skills, they may lose friends or become ostracized.

A recent study in the scientific Journal of Attention Disorders report that ADHD Children have significant impairment in health-related quality of life with regard to social and emotional well being, as compared to healthy children. The ADHD causes conflict between family members, much longer time to complete homework with additional time and support required from the parents, and less time for recreation and other family activities.

Neurologically, they lack the concentration skills to be successful with their academic challenges. Even bright children can have concentration problems. It is not about willpower. Even taking medication forADHD to concentrate will not allow the child to attribute their success fully to themselves.

The quantitative EEG brainmapping identifies which neurophysical system of the child's attention system is dysregulated or underfunctioning that is causing the ADHD or ADD symtoms. Concentration skills are critical for success and developing healthy self esteem. Based on brainmapping findings, the quicker the child can develop the concentration skills to be successful in school, the sooner their self esteem will begin to turn around.

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