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Importance of qEEG Brain Mapping in Treating ADHD or ADD


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2013 --Two scientific studies further highlight the importance of successfully treating ADHD in childhood or adolescence. The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry reported that children with ADHD are at increased risk for developing secondary psychiatric disorders in adolescence, including substance related disorders, conduct disorder, anxiety, and depression.

Another study in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that ADHD drugs reduced criminal behavior in adults suffering with ADHD by reducing impulsivity. But one's concerns are what if the patient doesn't want to stay on the drugs due to side effects, and at the same time it is being reported that there is a disturbing increase in addictions to ADHD drugs as seen in many rehab centers around the country.

So what does a family do if they have a child with ADHD or ADD who obviously needs help but they do not want to expose their child to the risks of the ADHD drugs? The answer to this question is incorporated in the title of this newsletter. At the Drake Institute our treatment programs and patients have benefited from advances in the neurosciences over the last 20 years, and at an accelerated rate in the past 2 years with regards to advances in brain mapping and neurofeedback.

Brain mapping is noninvasive and is like "an individual fingerprint" of brain functioning of each patient. It helps physicians understand the complexities of brain functioning underlying the patient's symptoms. It identifies the unique, individual abnormal patterns of brain functioning that are linked to the patient's symptoms. This data enables the Drake Institute to develop the most specific neurofeedback treatment protocol to strengthen and improve the area or areas that are functioning sub-optimally. The drugs cannot do that, nor can the drugs produce any chance of long term improvement the way that neurofeedback can.

For neurofeedback to be maximally effective with individually designed treatment protocols, it needs to incorporate the findings from the brain map. "One size does not fit all" just like one antibiotic does not cure every type of bacterial infection.

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