Dressy2Go: New Product on Kickstarter Has Garments Dry and Wrinkle Free in Minutes


Santa Monica, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/19/2016 --A new product is being launched on Kickstarter that ensures clothes look their best, even if the decision to wear a wet, damp, or wrinkled item is made minutes before it is time to go out. Dressy2Go is an effective solution that completely replaces the need for airing, ironing, steaming, or dry cleaning garments in preparation for wear. The user simply hangs the garment on the device, turns a switch, and in less than 20 minutes it is ready to wear, dry, free of creases, and looking its best.

Each Dressy2Go comes in two different forms; legs, and torso, each in two sizes to accommodate all dress sizes. The torso shape is perfect for dresses, blouses, shirts, jackets, and tee shirts, and the legs are designed to dry and air shorts and pants.

Dressy2Go is powered by electricity and designed to occupy minimal space in the home. Consisting of a hanging rod and an adjustable pole, a heating unit in the base pushes hot air into the garment-shaped fabric form (torso or legs), which gently expands to comfortably fill the garment. Since it is like inflating a bag inside the garment, the form fills every part of the clothing, ensuring that creases are gently pushed out. Hot air permeates the garment so it also acts to effectively dry wet or damp items; damp clothes are ready in 15 minutes and wet clothes take just 20 minutes to dry and de-wrinkle. There is no need to supervise Dressy2Go; the user can get on with other things while their garment is taken care of.

Inventor Ahmed Tarek came up with the idea because he disliked ironing and confesses that he wasn't very good at it. ''I started thinking about how I could de-wrinkle my outfit at home without any inconvenience,'' said Tarek. ''I applied my skills in engineering and built a team with experience in manufacturing, textiles, supply chain, and logistics. We worked together to get a final prototype that really works and meets all safety and quality standards.''

Thoroughly thought-out safety features are incorporated into Dressy2Go. The process is based on emitting hot air so clothes will not get burnt and neither will hands. There is an overheat protection switch and a safety feature acts to shut the heating unit off if it is accidentally tipped over. No chemicals are needed, the user simply sprays their garment with tap water if it is completely dry, ensuring that wrinkles are targeted with the water.

The project will be launched on Kickstarter with a limited 'Super Early Bird' offer. Those interested in backing the project on Kickstarter will receive Dressy2Go at a discount before it is available for general purchase.