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D&S Security Offers Reliable Installation Services for Fire Alarm System in Commerce and Pasadena, California

Through D&S Security, people can install advanced fire alarms in their buildings.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/04/2021 --D&S Security is a company based in Southern California. This firm was established in 1987 and is especially renowned for offering dependable alarm monitoring services in Anaheim and Commerce, California.

Many people across the United States have to bear significant property damage every year due to fire accidents. Fire is a real threat to businesses and homeowners and requires careful consideration to protect people and property. A lot more than a smoke detector and portable fire extinguisher is needed for optimal protection and safety. Modern buildings require an advanced fire alarm system.

While a sprinkler system provides initial assistance in the event of a fire, it simply cannot take the place of a fire alarm system. In the event of a fire, heat activates the sprinkler system, which then disperses water. That is only the first step necessary to protect property. The longer the delay, the more damage shall the property owner suffer, as the sprinkler system continues to pour thousands of gallons of water into their building. Moreover, even in this situation, the HVAC system of a building continues to operate, dispersing possibly toxic smoke throughout the facility and may even damage areas not affected by the fire. To avoid such an eventuality, it would be a prudent move for people to install a premier fire alarm system in Commerce and Pasadena, California through D&S Security. These systems add a layer of vital protection to property and carry out tasks like monitoring HVAC systems and shutting them down when smoke is detected. The professional technicians of D&S Security expertly analyze a property, determine the right fire alarm system for it, and seamlessly get it installed.

To contact D&S Security, one can give a call at 800-521-1958 or 323-224-6700.

About D&S Security
D&S Security was established in 1987. It offers a range of security and fire safety services to the people of Montebello, Glendale, Pasadena, Alhambra, and their nearby areas.