Sovereign Health of California

Dual-Diagnosis Comes to Sovereign's Palm Springs Facility

Rehabilitation center offers unique approach to treatment of co-occurring conditions


Palm Springs, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/25/2014 --Sovereign Health of California has opened its doors to another adult treatment facility in Palm Springs, ushering in the most comprehensive treatment modality for mental health and addiction with dual-diagnosis. At a time when the public is becoming increasingly aware and alarmed at the epidemic proportions of disorders and addictions, Sovereign has opened three beautiful residential treatment houses in Palm Springs to bring the very best care to the Coachella Valley.

“We are offering beautiful treatment houses in a serene, desert setting, each with swimming pools and access to equine therapy,” said Palm Springs Clinical Director Sharon Zarres. The Palm Springs treatment center is just beginning their entry into the desert community. According to Operations Manager Leonard Kienzle, “Sovereign will be adding two more houses in Palm Springs within the next month.”

What makes Sovereign Health of California unique is the philosophy that underpins their overall company. Regarding the theory that addiction is usually rooted in a mental health disorder, Zarres said the clinical team employs the same philosophy at the Palm Springs adult facility and “gets to the root of the problem in the interest of the patient with dual-diagnosis to treat all underlying conditions to avoid multiple treatment admittances and to avoid relapse.”

About Sovereign Health of California
Sovereign Health of California is part of Sovereign Health Group - a national addiction, mental and behavioral health rehabilitation treatment provider headquartered in San Clemente, Calif., with multiple other locations and programs offered across the state and country. The company offers treatment programs for addiction, mental health disorders and dual-diagnosis for co-occurring conditions. Sovereign Health helps the individual, not the disorder, reducing the risk of relapse by customizing programs with up-to-date, evidence-based treatment.

Sovereign Health of California offers several programs accredited by the Joint Commission and several dually-licensed facilities. They currently have treatment facilities in San Clemente, Culver City, Rancho San Diego and Palm Springs.

To contact Sovereign Health of California’s Palm Springs facility for more information, call 866-948-9688, or visit their website at