Due to COVID-19, Remote Work Is Here to Stay and Workpuls Says They'll Stay an Intricate Part of It

In the post-COVID-19 world, remote work is the new standard. Workpuls is helping companies monitor employees working from home.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/10/2020 --In the past several months, companies from all around the world have been forced to introduce some sort of work-from-home policy and start tracking remote workers. Now that restrictions are being lifted, many of them have decided to let their employees work remotely until the end of 2020 or forever.

Part of the reason is that tools like Workpuls have made it easy for companies to monitor employees working from home during the pandemic. A remotely distributed company in its own right, Workpuls is well aware of the challenges that come with having staff working from different locations and time zones.

"Plenty of companies that have worked partially remotely or have never worked remotely before are now turning to WFH permanently for all their employees", says Ivan Petrovic, CEO of Workpuls. "As they do so, they are facing numerous obstacles - how to monitor staff working from home, how to organize day-to-day operations, how to ensure things are getting done. Our software is there to help overcome all those issues and enable companies to complete the transition without affecting their bottom line."

Workpuls' advanced remote worker monitoring software provides information about employee worktime behavior and productivity levels in order to help them manage workload accurately and efficiently.

Now that companies are under considerable pressure to manage costs while also making sure workers' productivity doesn't suffer, it's extremely important to find cost-effective work from home monitoring software that will facilitate the move to a completely digital workspace.

Workpuls stands tall as an easy-to-use employee monitoring solution that provides comprehensive information about the staff's behavior at work in the new era of remote work.

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