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Dumpster Rental Company Galaxy Transfer Provides Dumpster Rentals That Make Cleaning out Dorms Easier

Galaxy Transfer, a dumpster rental company, provides dumpster rentals for college students. These rentals are low cost and are able to be placed at any location.


Manassas, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/27/2015 --As college students head home for summer, they have a lot of trash that needs to be thrown out. Working out a dumpster rental with Galaxy Transfer can help universities cope with the increase in garbage during May and June.

The garbage that college students need to dispose of during move-out week can easily overwhelm the school's waste management systems. Although a single student may not produce much trash, thousands of students cumulatively have a lot to dispose of. Few universities have the infrastructure, including garbage cans and trucks, to handle this annual influx of trash.

Renting dumpsters, however, makes handling the garbage easy for everyone -- students and universities alike. A dumpster rental gives students a specific location to put their garbage, and some students will have fun tossing in large objects and hearing them crash. For universities, outsourcing garbage removal to a dumpster rental company like Galaxy Transfer takes the strain off of the school's system. When renting a dumpster, colleges don't need to worry about whether they have enough garbage cans out, or pay their employees to keep checking and emptying them.

In many cases, a dumpster rental may cost less than paying employees to take care of students' trash. Galaxy Transfer can provide specific estimates for schools near Manassas, which they can then use in their own cost analysis. Every situation is slightly different. In many cases, however, it makes sense for colleges to outsource their end-of-semester garbage needs to a dumpster rental company.

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