Duncraft Donates to Rotary Club's Bird Seed Wreath Fundraiser

Duncraft Owner Mike Dunn Donates 1,200 Bird Seed Wreaths to Local Rotary Club


Concord, NH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/23/2015 --With the holidays approaching, Duncraft owner Mike Dunn has gotten into the giving spirit by donating 1,200 handmade bird seed wreaths to the local Rotary Club for their annual wreath fundraiser. The Sargent at Arms at Capital City Sunrise Rotary Club, Mike Dunn uses his resources to provide for charities throughout New England.

This is the fourth year we've done this fundraiser, Dunn said. We started with only 60 wreaths and now we're making 1,200 with 2,400 wreaths planned for next year. 100% of the proceeds benefit local charities across New England with participants from Vermont to Maine.

"With other fundraisers, you have to buy tickets and go to a fancy dinner--but who has $100 to spare? This program is easy. The wreaths are donated by Duncraft with no overhead costs and the wreaths are a great product at a great price--they're only $15 each--so it's a win-win-win situation," said Dunn with a gentle smile.

50% of the proceeds directly supports the Capital City Sunrise Rotary Club and the other 50% supports each participating club or organization. Each club chooses how to spend their funds, whether by providing a college scholarship or toothbrushes for a third world country.

When asked which Rotary Club programs these funds benefit, Dunn replied, "The main focus is on youth charities, like Boys & Girls Club, YMCA and Girls Inc."

Duncraft insists on making the freshest possible bird seed wreaths to offer the best value for recipients and birds. So far, 975 wreaths have been made with more made on demand throughout the duration of the fundraiser, now through December.

When asked why he's donating so many wreaths, Dunn said, "We [Duncraft] could donate $6,000 to the Club's programs. Or, by donating these wreaths and eliminating any upfront costs, we create and donate $18,000. This fundraiser lets us give 3x the amount of money back into the community."

Each wreath is handmade at Duncraft, ready to feed the birds at a moment's notice. When the wreath is gone, birds use the leftover materials to line their nests in the spring.

"[Bird seed wreaths are] the gift that gives twice. You give it as a present and the gift supports the community," said Dunn. Mike Dunn has been a member of the Rotary Club since 1977 and makes a habit of giving back to the community in any way he can.

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