Dynamic Recycling, LLC

Dynamic Recycling Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Alcohol Recycling Plant Opening with Plans for Beer Recycling Infrastructure


Bristol, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/14/2017 --Dynamic Recycling, LLC celebrated the first anniversary of the opening of the company's Distilled Spirits Plant in Bristol, Tennessee on February 8th, 2016 with an announcement that the company plans on installing infrastructure for beer recycling and product destruction at the plant.

Dynamic Recycling is a leading hazardous waste disposal companies that provides alcohol recycling and product destruction serves. The Distilled Spirits Plant uses a distillation process to recycle fuel grade ethanol in various commercial and industrial waste streams that contain alcohol, such as cosmetics or beer disposal. The company is capable of solvent and alcohol recycling but ethanol recycling is Dynamic Recycling's strategic focus.

Although there were some unforeseen challenges, the company had a successful first year and is looking forward to an excellent year ahead.

"We have had to overcome many obstacles this year but that is to be expected with the first year of a plant of this magnitude and complexity. But we overcame the challenges and, in the process, made the plant more efficient and safe," said Brian Potter, the Chief Operations Officer. "Now we are focused on streamlining our beer recycling and product destruction operations."

After fine tuning the new Distilled Spirits Plant, Dynamic Recycling LLC is focusing on developing plans to install state of the art beer recycling and product destruction infrastructure. The beer disposal and product destruction is currently taking place at the company's other location in Abingdon VA and the bulk liquids are transported to Bristol where the alcohol recycling takes place.

"We want the beer recycling operations to be at Bristol so that we do not have any unnecessary transportation costs, but we had to make sure the plant was operating correctly. We cannot do any beer recycling if the ethanol recycling process is not functioning," said Ron Potter, the President and CEO. "The company is capable of processing six full loads of beer a day and we would like to double that capacity." Mr. Potter was optimistic about the prospects of the company. "We are a premiere hazardous waste disposal company that can perform alcohol recycling like no other. I'm excited about the future."

Beer disposal is not the only service provide by the company. The company destroys and recycles all kinds of out of date products, such as cosmetics, wine, spirits, perfume, pharmaceuticals, and industrial ethanol wastes. The company also takes in waste material in drums and tankers.

More information on Dynamic Recycling LLC can be found at the company website http://www.ethanolrecycling.com.