Dynamic Recycling, LLC

Dynamic Recycling Sourcing Recycled Ethanol for Hand Sanitizer to Combat Coronavirus Pandemic

Waste containing alcohol, such as beer, wine, spirits, health and beauty aids, and industrial by-products of compostable plastics to be used to produce hand sanitizer.


Bristol, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2020 --Dynamic Recycling, the nation's leading provider of waste alcohol recycling services, is offering its recycled ethanol for hand sanitizer production. The company, who specializes in receiving waste materials that contain alcohol at their Distilled Spirits Plant in Bristol, TN and distilling it to 200 proof fuel grade ethanol, hopes to help contribute to beating the Coronavirus outbreak by providing raw materials to hand sanitizer producers made from recycled alcohol based waste products.

As the COVID-19 outbreak began the CEO of Dynamic Recycling, Brian Potter, began to notice that hand sanitizer was in high demand. Then he started to get phone calls asking about purchase of ethanol because there is a shortage. "My first thought was we need to qualify our waste streams between fuel grade and sanitizer grade," Mr. Potter recounted. "We have some really high quality incoming material and wanted to contribute to beating the Corona pandemic."

The incoming waste materials vary from large tanker loads of industrial by products to cases of beer and wine. The company's facility destroys the products and recycles the packaging. However not all of that material will make it into the company's sanitizer grade.

"We are being very selective in what waste streams we allow into our sanitizer grade. We are keeping that limited to our cleanest incoming streams," Mr. Potter said. In the past the overwhelming majority of the ethanol was sold to be blended with gasoline.

But with these new developments the company is diversifying to help battle Coronavirus. "We are very excited that we can help contribute to this fight," Mr. Potter. "One of the toughest things to accept for many of us is that the best thing to do is nothing. Well now we feel like we have a mission."

The company currently has recycled ethanol available in 190 proof. For more information please contact the Vice President of Sales Jon Ramsay at 423-845-4338 or jonr@ethanolrecycling.com.