e-Agent® NZ Ltd

E-Agent Online Academy Prospers in Challenging Economic Climate

eLearning continues to gain momentum in New Zealand. Economic as well as educational factors power growth.


Bucklands Beach, Auckland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/11/2014 --As New Zealand government and private enterprise seek more efficient methods, one area that is receiving added attention, is Online Learning or eLearning as it is frequently called.

The e-Agent® Academy has been providing an eLearning platform for the last four years and is currently an Approved provider for both the New Zealand Real Estate Agents Authority and the New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority, for online continuing education.

Among the factors that set the e-Agent® Academy apart from other online systems, is its focus on learning outcome verification and its ability to verify the learners participation. The former permits agencies and corporations to validate that the learning is effective and the latter that the learners identification is vknown and assured. In addition, the e-Agent® Academy's LMS (Learning Management System) automatically conducts Skill-Gap Analysis on the learning outcome, allowing those responsible for content creation to know what content works and what does not.

With several thousand online students having used the platform and a very favourable annual growth curve, it is obvious that this method of learning is gaining in popularity. From its internal satisfaction surveys, e-Agent can more definitively state that travel reduction and time control are the two most significant motivators, for those electing eLearning as their preferred method.

In supporting its eLearning population e-Agent® also relies on its primary Academy website; its very substantial Facebook presence (with over 5,000 followers); as well as its LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.