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E Cig Brands Offers Free Starter Kit to Lure Smokers Away from Tobacco


Tempe, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2013 --The future is here. Once exotic and head turning, to see someone inhaling from an E cigarette has become as commonplace as seeing someone using a smartphone. Ash-less, smoke and odor free, easier on pavements and landfills than cigarette butts, the E Cig Brand has become one of the most stylish and popular e cig brands on the market.

To introduce E Cig Brand to those who want to try smoking these tobacco-less cigarettes, has made available free E Cig Brand starter kits. Among the e cig branda on the market, E Cig Brand offers one of the most complete kits available. This ecigs brand kit includes the vaporizer, flavored cartridges and chargers, a carrying case and display box.

Smokers who already use tobacco cigarettes can save thousands of dollars a year by switching to an e-cigs brand. E Cig Brand is one of the best known and oldest ecig brands, and promises reliability in their e-cigs brand product and program. The market for e cig brands is growing and has become very competitive, yet ecigs brand companies will come and go. Others will deliver less reliable products. As any ecig brands will use a vaporizer which requires charging, every component of an e cigs brand needs to be high quality.

With the E Cig Brand free starter kit at new customers get the E Cig Brand vaporizer and a high quality USB and wall charger for the E Cig Brand. Costs for vaporizers from other e cig brands run as high as $100.00. But few companies have been around and have the reputation of E Cig Brand. Smokers will have their E Cig Brand vaporizer for years to come.

And it's free at

E Cig Brand is a smokers dream in a work where fewer and fewer places allow traditional smoking. In resaurants and bars, on cruise ships and airplanes, e cig brand can by enjoyed by smokers without their choice of e-cigs brand causing displeasure because of the smoke, ash and butts of regular cigarettes. And E Cig Brand allows for full flavor enjoyment of e-cigs brand smoking.

E Cigarettes Free Starter Kit is a product of IMX Products, as distributor in Tempe, AZ

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