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E-Cigarette Australia Offers E-Cig Starter Packs as a Cheaper Alternative

E-cigarette Australia offers various starter packs that can cater to those who want to start using e-cigarettes but want a cheaper alternative. They also have a variety of authentic e-cigarette products and accessories from reputable brands.


Wallan, VIC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2015 --E-cigarettes were introduced as an alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. It is also known as personal vaporizers and is battery operated. After it has become widely known, more designs are introduced with various accessories. The latest technology is applied on the new versions and consumers were given a lot more options to choose from. E-cigarette Australia is a company that offers e-cigarette starter packs and other e-cigarette products and accessories.

E-cigarettes are considered to be safer since it emits water-based mist rather than smoke. E-cigarette Australia aims to help people who want to quit smoking by offering a cheaper alternative. The company offers affordable e-cig starter packs depending on the contents. These e-cig starter packs are all authentic products from various brands. The cheapest, Discover starter kit, is ideal for those who want to try out the device and see if it is worth investing in.The most expensive, Innokin SVD 2.0 complete starter pack, is the next generation mod which is complete and an investment for those who have taken into e-cigarette smoking.

Aside from the e-cig starter packs, there are other products and accessories that can be bought at E-cigarette Australia's website. Accessories include, but not limited to the following, childproof bottles, car charger, battery charger, carry case and digicharger. Regular batteries and clearomizer can also be bought separately if the customer needs more. For the ones that want to smoke in style, different drip tips are available to choose from. Another option that a customer can choose from is the flavour of e-juice they prefer. There are many flavors available but categorized into three such as fruit and beverage range, tasty vapor range and tobacco and menthol. E-cigarette Australia also offers a wide range of products from specific brands.

All these may be viewed through the company's website by visiting http://www.ecigarettesaustralia.com

About E-cigarette Australia
E-cigarette Australia is a company that offers a wide range of electronic cigarette products and accessories. It is owned and managed by Michael and Scott. The company offers authentic products provided by reputable brands from starter packs to e-juices. For more information, contact them through e-mail at sales@ecigarettesaustralia.com. They may also be reached through phone 03 6248 4407 and mobile 0477 204 002.

E-cigarette Australia's website address is http://www.ecigarettesaustralia.com