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e Marine Suggests to Plan Now for Trolling Motor Batteries for Fall Bass Season


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/22/2019 --e Marine suggest serious bass fishers start their planning for fall fishing season. While some areas might still be able to capitalize on local cooler water favored by bass, most water will be heating up along the shorelines driving the bass into deeper and cooler water. Many fishermen say by June, the water is already too warm to find the bass among the water edge.

As many areas do not open bass season until May, this has left a short window of time for bass fishers to practice their sport. From here out, it is about planning a successful fall season. e Marine claims this is a good time to research what type of equipment you'll need including trolling motor batteries. While knowing their fishing habits, including time spent trolling, selecting what type of trolling motor batteries will best meet their energy needs makes timely sense to review.

Once a bass fisher has already invested quite a bit in their boat, trailer and towing vehicle, it only makes sense to look for quality trolling motor batteries that will allow a full day on the water. When selecting a battery, it is essential that fisherman look for one that will keep a trolling motor powered even on the longest fishing trips. In order to do so, the battery must be able to provide a steady discharge of energy and last throughout many hours. The type and size of battery chosen will depend on the boat and the total amount of time one is looking to use the trolling motor before recharging. E-Marine offers a wide selection of battery technologies and sizes and can help provide guidance for picking the best batteries for your needs.

Recharging the battery is another issue. Research and understanding when buying a charger for trolling motor batteries is important. Deep cycle batteries have special charging needs that when properly managed can help extend both the stored energy and the life of the battery. Quality chargers will also maintain trolling motor batteries by removing sulfates from the batteries' plates extending their life.

Trolling motor batteries have also entered the age of renewable energy. Sunny days can provide extra opportunity when using solar charging system. Fishermen are discovering the power of using the energy they already have around them to charge up both their engine start and trolling motor batteries. A truly convenient and cost saving plus. The solar panel charger provides the additional convenience of fully recharging the trolling batteries saving the bother and worry after long fishing days.

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