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Weno Exchange e-Prescribing Switch Launches Instant Connectivity for Pharmacies

New patent-pending routing method disrupts currently monopolized eRX industry


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/19/2012 --Weno Exchange LLC, a new e-Prescribing (eRX) network switch, announced today it is implementing its patent-pending method of routing electronic prescriptions to now route eRX instantly to all U.S. pharmacies, including pharmacies that do not yet use a certified pharmacy system vendor on its new network switch. The technology disrupts a currently monopolized e-Prescribing industry by breaking the switch dependency barrier previously required for participation in e-Prescribing. It also meets the needs of pharmacies that could not afford to participate in e-Prescribing – but also could not afford losing the additional revenues generated by electronic prescriptions. In doing so, Weno Exchange becomes the first and only switch that enables an EHRs’ prescriber base to e-Prescribe to any pharmacy nationwide, which allows them to easily satisfy government standards and meaningful use rules for e-Prescribing.

Weno Exchange provides two methods by which pharmacies can connect to their registered prescribers for the express purposes of e-Prescribing; the Instant Weno Mail Connectivity Method and the Software Direct Connectivity Method. Both methods have the lowest prices in the industry and billing options that include a low monthly flat fee option or the ability to pay only for filled scripts.

The Instant Weno Mail Connectivity Method is software independent and only requires a simple registration so prescribers can see the pharmacy stores’ participation in the Weno Exchange database. It delivers prescriptions in both an electronic and fax format, so that if for any reason the pharmacy is unable to connect to Weno Mail, patients are still served in a timely manner. The Software Direct Connectivity Method requires pharmacy software systems to go through a simplified certification process, and routes e-Prescription messages directly to and from the pharmacy’s software service.

According to a report issued by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC Data Brief Number 4, November 2012) e-Prescriptions have increased tenfold since 2008. This has led to a corresponding increase in related e-Prescribing costs to pharmacies, especially independent stores or smaller chains that do not have the luxury of bargaining for volume discounts.

Pharmacies faced with climbing e-Prescribing costs are beginning to shift network loyalties, forcing EHRs to consider certifying with multiple eRx networks in order to increase opportunities for their prescribers to reach their meaningful use eRX measures. With additional meaningful use measures by the federal government set to go into effect in 2014, EHRs scrambling to find options for their prescribers will discover certifying with Weno Exchange provides a fast and easy process while ensuring that all prescriptions routed will qualify for the meaningful use measure.

“Our innovative, patent-pending method of eRX routing bridges the gap between prescribers and pharmacies, where virtually every prescription can be an eRX, and any pharmacy can fill it. Everyone in this industry knows who the dominant e-Prescribing switch is, and without our patent-pending method of eRX delivery, our competing network would not be able to be independent of this dominant switch – which consequently allows us to provide better service at lower cost, and raise the bar on innovation and client satisfaction,” stated Tina Goodman, CEO of Weno Exchange LLC.

“I say let freedom ring and let competition do its thing,” Goodman continued. “Monopolies can’t endure in the American free enterprise system. Little Davids take on mega-corporation monopoly Goliaths everyday in this country -- and win with innovation and superior products and service. It’s time somebody stood up to the bully in this industry, so we’ve loaded our slingshot -- with a better service, an easier participation process, and lower costs -- and taken aim. Who’s with us?”

About Weno Exchange LLC (WEX)
Weno Exchange LLC (WEX) is an e-Prescribing network based in Austin, Texas that specializes in routing electronic prescription (eRX) and care coordination standardized messages between trading partners. When established in 2011, WEX was hailed as an innovative competitor in an otherwise dominated e-prescribing network market. WEX utilizes its new patent-pending method, which provides the first and only service enabling electronic prescriptions to be sent to any pharmacy nationwide, regardless of participation in an e-prescribing network. In addition, WEX offers health IT trading partners a simplified process toward eRX certification. WEX also boasts the industry’s highest EHR incentive revenues and pharmacy systems’ lowest transaction fees. WEX’s Screen Assurance program provides data sharing assurance and reporting never before available to health plans and drug manufacturers. For more information, go to www.wenoexchange.com