E-Senses Seeks Funding via Indiegogo to Start the Production of Helios Smart Ring, the World's First Personal Vitamin D Tracker

E-Senses claims that their recent creation Helios smart ring is the world’s first personal Vitamin D tracker. The company is now looking to raise $100,000 to start the production of this wearable smart device with extraordinary features.


Eindhoven, Netherlands -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2016 --The health benefits of exposure to the sunlight are known to all over the years. However, a high percentage of the present population prefers spending most of their time indoors. As a result, over a billion people worldwide are now vitamin D deficient. E-Senses has recently come up with a wearable smart device that can help people deal with this problem like never before.

Claimed to be the world's first personal Vitamin D tracker, the Helios smart ring is equipped with a personal daylight, sunlight and vitamin D coach. Using this device, it will be possible now to find out how much daylight a person needs on a daily basis and how long he/she needs to spend outside to receive that minimum amount of light. The sunlight coach shows how long one can stay outside safely and provides personal sun protection.

The functional features of the Helios smart ring can be attributed to its UV index Sensor and Ambient Light Sensor capable of continuous tracking and measurement of the strength of the sun and the light. Accordingly, the vitamin D intake is calculated considering the user's personal profile and skin type.

The ring functions in tandem with the Helios app that receives all measurements from the ring. E-Senses has created special algorithms for accurate measurements that converts data in a user-friendly application. The Helios smart ring is compatible with iOS and Android.

Highlighting the benefits of Helios smart ring, a senior official from E-Senses states,"You only have to wear the ring to receive notifications about vitamin D, sunlight and daylight and in the dashboard you can follow your progress. With a very user friendly app we want to motivate people to consume as much vitamin D as necessary, stay protected against UV radiation and receive the minimum amount of daylight every day."

E-Senses has recently staretd an Indiegogo campaign to raise $100,000 for this campaign. The Helios smart ring is a creation of a brilliant multidisciplinary team of Dutch designers and engineers of Holst centre, HYB, Aeson, de Kat and Promea. Proceeds from Indiegogo will be spent to start the production of this useful device.

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E-Senses was founded in December 2015 in Eindhoven. The company is dedicated to creating exceptionally intelligent electronic products that open up new dimensions in extending the five natural human senses with additionally superior electronic senses.