EAJY Announces Indiegogo Campaign for the Beams Chair


Berlin, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2016 --EAJY, a premium manufacturer of precision furniture and related housewares, has announced the launch of an Indiegogo campaign for their Beams Chair products. The crowdfunding campaign will help the company generate revenue and overall interest in the Beams Chair – and to launch the EAJY brand into the international marketplace.

Stylish and functional, the Beams Chair is a lightweight and durable wooden armchair. Its design principles stem from the I-beam – the primary structural element of San Francisco's famous Golden Gate Bridge. This I-beam design principle provides both expert craftsmanship alongside a distinctive style that suits practically any home décor.

The full wood design of the chair is precision cut into its distinctive I-beam design, reducing the overall weight. This deign also ensures that the chair's construction remains sturdy and durable for frequent use.

Company founders Eric Chang and Johnny Hu take pride in their furniture work. Each product they produce represents the culmination of both technology advancements in wood cutting as well as meticulous attention to detail. This holds particularly true with the Beams Chair, where there inspiration from the Golden Gate Bridge design helped them shape these chairs.

Because of this commitment to quality across the entire production process, buyers can expect an ultra-high quality chair, both distinctive and functional, that will last for years to come.

The Indiegogo campaign offers supporters a variety of rewards and perks for their financial contributions. Early bird specials allow for a 35% discount on the Beams Chair in natural, black or red colors. However, these prices are limited in their availability, so interested buyers should act now to get the best price.

To learn more about EAJY and their Beams Chair Indiegogo campaign or to make a pledge for support, please visit the campaign page at

About EAJY
Founded in 2015 in Berlin by Eric Chang and Johnny Hu, EAJY produces finely crafted furniture and other housewares across an international marketplace. The founders' design principle is simple – to create "easy" design models with highly durable, expertly produced items that remain interesting.

The company's flagship product – the Beams Chair – is currently available for purchase during EAJY's Indiegogo campaign to launch their brand on an international scale.