Easily Erase Skin Damage with Puruskin's Derma Roller Kits

Beautiful skin is a massive boost to self-esteem, so reversing damage done to it is an important and often difficult task. Luckily, here to aid in the repair process are Puruskin’s Derma Roller Kits.


St. George, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/20/2016 --The skin is the largest and most visible organ; as such it is a major focus of beauty practices and cosmetic products. These creams and ointments promise to rejuvenate skin that has lost its luster through oils and vitamins that are absorbed into the skin. After absorbed, lines and scars are "erased", helping to give skin a more youthful and radiant appearance. Sadly, many of these products end up being expensive bathroom ornaments, as the tougher outer layer of the epidermis prevents the beneficial ingredients from being absorbed and put to work. Here with a solution to this unfortunate phenomenon is the Puruskin Derma Roller Kit.

The production of collagen, which helps skin heal and maintain its youthful firmness, decreases as people age. This means that skin can become softer, leading to wrinkles and lines that make skin appear older and more damaged. The Puruskin Derma Roller reactivates the production of collagen through the creation of micro-holes in the skin. Smaller than pores and completely harmless, these microscopic holes in the upper skin activate the parts of the body that deal with injury, which in turn create collagen to deal with the controlled "damage". Frequent and even use of the roller reinvigorates the creation of this key protein and then ensures that it is evenly distributed across the skin, which in turn aids in making skin appear more youthful.

Another fringe benefit of frequent Puruskin Derma Roller use is better absorption of skin care products. Micro-holes created through regular use act as channels that lead directly to the inner skin. This allows skin care products to be absorbed both faster and deeper, increasing their effectiveness in repairing and maintaining the skin. By allowing the expensive ointments and creams to be better absorbed, Puruskin Derma Rollers indirectly decrease the amount of product needed, as less inertly sits on top of the skin, thus saving money.

About Puruskin
Puruskin was created by Karyn Thomas, who at the age of nineteen bought into the mantra of cosmetic companies and laboured fruitlessly in pursuit of "beautiful skin". Frequent use of expensive creams and ointments did little to quell her skin troubles, and in some cases even exacerbated the problems. It wasn't until she grew older and wiser that Karyn realized that beauty is natural and inherent in all women, so she set out to create natural, safe, and affordable solutions to help women feel as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

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