Easy Control

Easy Control Makes It Simple for Anyone to Create and Manage Their Own Smart Automated System


Paris, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2018 --Easy Control, the world's first universal platform for smart automation systems, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and accepting pre-orders from early adopters.

Before the advent of Easy Control, electricians had to rely on electronics and ICT specialists to be part of the automation world. With Easy Control, they are now empowered to design and create any kind of automated solution, from simple prototypes to sophisticated industrial systems- enabling unbridled creation as far as the maker can imagine.

"Easy Control enables everyone to design and build their own automated system and to control it through the internet- anytime, anywhere," says Youssouf Kassamaly, founder and creator. "It's a plug and play solution for numerous devices which includes a graphic interface for your programs, and also a planning and data visualization tool. If you know how to describe your idea or your need you will be able to make it with Easy Control."

From energy and water management, smart city improvement, agriculture, commercial applications, prototyping, education and culture, immotics and domotics and aquarium, models and other hobbies- the possibilities to create and invent with Easy Control are almost endless. It is also a powerful tool for up-cycling and reimagining old tech, breathing new life into dated gadgets.

Easy Control has been designed from the ground to be useable and accessible by all. From DIYers and hobbyists, small and midsize companies, enterprise and local government or cities, Easy Control provides flexible, robust and affordable creation and experimentation for all target audiences. Companies of all sizes can utilize the platform to instantly create workable prototypes, then go for mass production in a very cost-effective way. 

Easy Control includes an electric controller, an open source app compatible with Raspberry Pi, and also offers cloud services for managing and storing the smart systems users create. Cloud services will be available as a premium service with no subscription with extra add-on features that users can pay for as needed. It is also a truly plug and play solution providing the most affordable and accessible option on the market. The company offers a selection of components and part of the interface helps users to select relevant captors and actuators for their system.

"Easy Control is the gateway between the electric world and the Internet. It is a complete solution to design powerful and custom automated systems. Easy Control is designed to be universal, powerful, open, easy to use and affordable. We want to bring you the best the industry and DIY worlds can provide," adds Kassamaly. "Let's consider SMEs in developing countries. Technical people in charge of electro-mechanical systems usually know very well what should be done to improve the business. This often involves building or improving automated systems. The issue that arises is that they rarely have access to affordable IT specialists, and even less so to electronics engineers. This is actually quite a common situation that we've been observing even in larger industrial groups. If we can get Easy Control in the hands of all, we will truly begin to see a revolution in technologies worldwide."

Easy Control is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: https://kck.st/2CdRPg7.

About Easy Control
The automation revolution Plug and play. No coding. Affordable. Make your own smart automated system and manage it over the internet. You can now design and make any relevant and affordable automated system and manage it online.

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