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EasyMail7 Integrates Superior Delivery Testing Tools to Make Email Marketing Even Easier

Send Emails with Confidence They Are Reaching the Recipients


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/29/2015 --G-Lock Software, a leading Internet software company recognized for their commitment to creating highly innovative, reliable and affordable products for businesses of all sizes, announces the release of their email marketing software for Windows EasyMail7 with the Inbox delivery testing functionality, making it very easy to test the message delivery prior sending it to the contact list.

Aside from measuring the email open rate and click rate, email marketers need tools to determine how major Internet providers around the world treat their message, and whether they deliver the message to the Inbox, spam folder or block it altogether before the recipient's mailbox.

In a past, email delivery testing required a lot of time, money and resources. Users would need to have testing computers in their office and setup email accounts with different Internet providers, or use a 3rd party service that typically charges a fortune. This was not always affordable for small companies and individual email marketers.

G-Lock Software fixed this by giving the EasyMail7's users access to thorough email testing previously only available to large companies. Now the EasyMail7's users can easily test their email placement and identify deliverability problems before broadcasting their real campaigns.

"We are pleased to meet the needs of small and big senders by providing a simple access to the Inbox delivery and spam filter testing functionality in EasyMail7. Two clicks, and it's done. The email delivery is not a mystery anymore," says Alex Markov, CEO of G-Lock Software.

EasyMail7 gives users a seed-based delivery testing functionality with a report of how the email is treated by different Internet providers around the world, such as,,,,,, GoDaddy,, Apple and more. At Gmail, users can see if the message is delivered to the Primary or Promotions tab.

In addition, the EasyMail7's Inbox Delivery Test provides valuable information about the sender authentication such as DKIM and SPF, gives a spam testing report from Postini and SpamAssassin with detailed information helping the user troubleshoot the issues, and tracks email delivery duration.

G-Lock Software included the delivery duration tracking into the EasyMail7's Inbox placement and spam filtering test because some email providers delay the delivery of emails when the volume passes a certain threshold, which can negatively affect time sensitive emails. The delivery duration monitoring in the EasyMail7 helps users determine if there is a throttling issue with a particular ISP and schedule time sensitive email campaigns to the right time to get them delivered without a delay.

With the EasyMail7's Inbox placement and spam filtering test users can monitor their sender reputation with different email service providers and make sure that they are in good standing with top domains on their list. EasyMail7 makes sending of marketing campaigns more efficient as users have confidence that their emails are reaching the recipients.

Anyone interested in learning more about the benefits of using EasyMail7 for email marketing is encouraged to download the 14-day trial version at this page: The trial version is limited to 250 emails per hour, 1,000 emails per day, 12,000 emails per month and 10 Inbox delivery tests. G-Lock Software provides a set of comprehensive tutorials to help users experience all the EasyMail7 features and capabilities at

The pricing for EasyMail7 depends on the number of users and workplaces the user can create within the program rather than on features and number of subscribers, which makes EasyMail7 more affordable than any other list management programs and services. G-Lock Software does not attempt to upsell customers to more expensive licenses in order to access specific features. Users can be assured that whatever size of business they have and whatever paid license they purchased, they will always have access to all the EasyMail7 features and options.

More information about the license model and pricing can be found at

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G-Lock Software is a privately held company working in different programming environments. The company's team has over 10 years experience developing email marketing software solutions and has used that knowledge and experience to create innovative, flexible, and affordable products that are used by thousands of businesses, large and small, in all parts of the world. Among its major products are EasyMail7 email marketing automation platform for Windows, G-Lock Analytics real time email tracking system, Advanced Email Verifier email list cleaner and verification software, G-Lock Email Processor advanced email processing and parsing software, and WPNewsman newsletter plugin.

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