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Eazyer Launches Indiegogo Campaign


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/06/2014 --Merchants spend thousands of dollars each year promoting their businesses to reach the most amount of people possible and are always on the lookout for new ways to reach their target market. Eazyer is proud to announce the launch of an Indiegogo campaign to raise money to fund the project. Right from the start, Eazyer is giving back! 20% from EVERY contribution will be donated to the 4 most voted on National Non-Profit Organizations. Eazyer gives merchants a platform where they can do all of their marketing in one place. Eazyer is in its final stages and it is designed to help local businesses save money and reward customers.

Eazyer allows merchants to easily offer daily deals to customers. Daily deal websites are popular nowadays among consumers; however, many merchants that initially participate in daily deal websites do not return because they often lose money throughout the process.

For the typical daily deal offer, the website takes half of whatever a customer paid for an already discounted service, and it takes up to 90 days to receive the full amount of money that is due. Eazyer pays merchants faster than competitors and allows them to keep greater amounts of the profit.

Online directories are one of the features that bring merchants in to Eazyer. Online directories are beneficial to getting business and contact information out to interested potential clients, however, many online directory websites charge thousands of dollars per month just to attract customers. Eazyer has an online directory for a lower price than anywhere else, with high placement.

Loyalty programs are a good way to get returning traffic to a business, but hardware and space is required to register members, and third party loyalty programs are costly. Eazyers loyalty program is easy to use, does not require hardware and does not cost extra money.Eazyer is not only useful to merchants, but also to members. Members will be rewarded with deals to local businesses and they will be in contention for various prizes like $500 debit cards, cruises and more. Members will be able to post merchant reviews, share listings, check-in at places, and more.

Eazyer’s founders, Roger Hemmerling and Robin Handler, traveled throughout the United States and spoke to thousands of local business owners to create a platform to make their lives simpler and to make reaching customers more effective. Eazyer is dedicated to being ethically responsible and serving the community.

About Eazyer will be offering Merchants an “all-in-one” style package for businesses which will not only be much more affordable, but will be more functional and easy to use to save them time as well as money. On the Consumer end, will reward Consumers (Members) for actions on the site (i.e. sharing, posting reviews, checking-in, etc), but also permanent incentives for certificate purchases and referring friends.

Rewards/Incentives range from $500 debit cards to donations to local charities and quarterly cruise giveaways.

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