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Eco Face Shield Launched to Reduce Waste with a Fully Recyclable Single-Piece Stackable Face Shield


Golden, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/06/2021 --Max Face Shield LLC is pleased to announce the Eco Face Shield, a new face shield invention. The Eco Face Shield is a fully recyclable face shield design made from a single piece of plastic which offers a new way to get the added protection of a face shield against aerosol particles like the Covid-19 virus with less waste.

"Existing face shields are not fully recyclable because they are made of multiple non-recyclable materials like foam and elastic," says Dr. Jeff Ackerman, founder of Max Face Shield LLC. "I realized that you can simplify a face shield design substantially from several different components down to one component so it's fully recyclable like the Eco Face Shield."

Features and benefits of the Eco Face Shield include:

- Fully-Recyclable single-piece design – made from recycling #1 PET plastic

- Super-comfortable universal fit using a forehead spring tab (no foam or elastic)

- Clear, double-sided anti-fog coating (after removing both scratch protection films)

- Reusable and easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol

- Single-piece stackable design that takes up 16x less space than generic face shields

This video provides a demonstration of the Eco Face Shield effectiveness. Fluorescent aerosol particles were sprayed at a mannequin with a face mask only and with the Eco Face Shield protecting the face and face mask. The results shown in the video and highlighted below demonstrate the effectiveness of the Eco Face Shield at blocking aerosolized particles from a simulated cough or sneeze.

There's a reason why health professionals choose to wear face shields on top of face masks. A 2014 scientific study from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) by Lindsley et al. (journal article link) showed that face shields can reduce the inhalational exposure of the wearer when exposed to a nearby cough by up to 96% and the contamination of the respirator by up to 97%. The authors concluded that "face shields are a useful adjunct to respiratory protection for workers caring for patients with respiratory infections." Dr. Anthony Fauci, leading Covid-19 expert, said that "if you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it," (reported by Caterina Andreano via ABC News on 7/29/2020).

The Eco Face Shield is available on Amazon (ASIN B08L8HMSR6) now at $14.99 for a 3 pack and $24.99 for a 9 pack, with custom bulk ordering option available upon request via the company's website/email. For more information on the Eco Face Shield, please visit

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About Max Face Shield LLC
Max Face Shield LLC was started by Dr. Jeff Ackerman to commercialize the Eco Face Shield. Dr. Ackerman believed that the high demand for face shields during the early stages of Covid-19 would result in significant amounts of plastic waste because existing face shield were disposable and made from multiple non-recyclable parts. He believed that a new type of face shield could be made from a single piece of recyclable plastic and set out to develop and commercialize the Eco Face Shield. Since the Eco Face Shield packs flat and takes up only 1/16 of space of existing face shields, Dr. Ackerman is hopeful that the Eco Face Shield can provide an economical way to pack, distribute, and store face shields during this and future pandemics.

Dr. Jeff Ackerman
Max Face Shield LLC