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Singapore -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/21/2014 --Our e-commerce company specialises in delivering comprehensive technology and design solutions to a wide spectrum of clients across various industries. With a combination of pro-activeness, unflinching commitment, extensive experience and creativity, we strive to add value to your business to achieve extraordinary results and returns.

We are dedicated towards building simple, effective, affordable and manageable e-commerce websites to support your company growth. By combining our years of experience in e-commerce web design and development, our understanding of customer behaviours and cultures while leveraging on highly efficient in-house processes and frameworks, we provide a cost-effective solution to meet all your requirements.

From start-ups and small businesses to large organisations, big internet brands, charitable trusts, real estate agencies, portals and membership organisations, we’ve helped our customers to create effective branding, embrace the latest technologies and achieve top search engine rankings for greater success.

We value the opportunity to become your trusted partner in providing tangible resources for your digital/e-commerce needs, be it In creative web design and development, data driven websites, software, online strategy, search engine optimisation or even technology consultancy.

There are huge opportunities for businesses online. Ecommerce opens your business to a whole new world of opportunities that you probably wouldn’t have imagined without it. If this is true, then how come so many businesses in Singapore are missing out on this fantastic opportunity for unparalleled growth? The experts at Ecommerce Singapore, a local Singapore ecommerce website solutions provider, discuss this and the potential that e-commerce holds for Singapore businesses.

Why e-commerce?

Ecommerce allows you to sell your products or services online. You therefore no longer have to contend with barriers such as distance and time. Your customers can make a purchase from you with a single click of the mouse at any time day or night. Several transactions can also be carried out at any given moment. There are no long lines on an ecommerce store. In this day and age where convenience is a driving force for innovation, an ecommerce store alone could allow you to get a greater market share in your industry.

Using an ecommerce website as opposed to setting up a physical store also helps to cut down your costs. There is little or no human interaction required with an ecommerce website. Customers take a look at what is available and rarely make enquiries. You therefore will reduce your overhead costs by reducing the need to hire shop attendants as well as being able to run your store from practically anywhere including your garage.

E-commerce also enables you to access a greater market than you would with a physical store.

Not taking the bait

With all these fantastic advantages for business that turn to ecommerce, one has to wonder why more small businesses are not investing in an ecommerce website.

According to Ecommerce Singapore, many small businesses shy away from e-commerce as they believe that it takes too much time and money to set up an ecommerce website. While this may have been true in the past, small businesses can now get an ecommerce solution that is both affordable and effective without being too time consuming.

There is a lot of potential for Singapore ecommerce. Ecommerce Singapore provides small businesses the opportunity to set up an ecommerce website at an affordable price. The Singapore Ecommerce service company offers a wide range of packages to suit different budgets. Small business owners only need to identify the Ecommerce solution that best suits their needs and budget and sign up for it.

Ecommerce Singapore has an extensive and impressive portfolio of clients ranging from small businesses in Singapore to large multinational companies. The company continues to be rated as the best Singapore ecommerce service provider by independent reviews.