Fair Divorce Decisions

Economic Security Planning Announces New Fair Divorce Decisions Service

New services allow attorneys, mediators and couples to establish fair divorce arrangements


Lexington, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/12/2014 --Economic Security Planning, the provider of ESPlanner (Economic Security Planner) and Maximize My Social Security, has launched its new hands-on service, Fair Divorce Decisions.

Through this new service, Economic Security Planning collects data about the divorcing couple and uses its patented proprietary software to calculate what each spouse gets to spend, today and over time, under proposed divorce agreements and potential alternatives. The end result is the ability to find win-win divorce arrangements that minimize the future taxes and maximize the future Social Security benefits of both spouses.

“Our Fair Divorce Decisions service eliminates the guesswork,” said Laurence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics at Boston University and the founder of Economic Security Planning, Inc. “It calculates precisely what different proposed settlements will mean for each spouse’s future living standard.”

The service costs just $50 per hour with a five-hour minimum. In the process, Economic Security Planning solicits the data it needs, by phone or email, and provides a simple report based on its proprietary software. The organization then reviews the results over the phone.

The service is ideal for divorce attorneys and certified financial planners in need of simpler solutions for crafting sensible post-divorce financial arrangements. When putting together financial arrangements through Fair Divorce Services, couples will receive side-by-side comparisons of a sustainable spending budget for each spouse, taking into account expenses, taxes, child support, retirement accounts and other factors. All arrangements are composed through unbiased calculations that are fair for each side.

“Our service revolutionizes the way couples reach divorce agreements, stopping the fights over what each party believes, but isn’t sure, is fair," said Kotlikoff. “Unlike other similar software you’ll find on the market, our software determines what living standard each spouse will be able to enjoy for any given proposed divorce settlement. It’s a greatly simplified process.”

For more information about Fair Divorce Decisions, visit www.fairdivorcedecisions.com.