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Ecuador-Based Travel Company Combines Volunteerism with Vacationing in the Galapagos

Combining wildlife adventure with conservation efforts Lead Adventures makes vacationing in exotic locations more than memorable. Based in Ecuador, the socially-conscious travel company gives guests a chance to live and volunteer in the South American communities they visit.


Quito, Ecuador -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/26/2014 --What could be better than swimming with sea lions and cavorting with giant tortoises on the world-famous beaches of the Galapagos Islands? It’s simple, giving something back to the environment you’re at it. So says a forward-thinking travel company named Lead Adventures. Quite literally taking the lead in the socially-conscious travel space, the company gives guests a chance to volunteer in the exotic South American communities they visit. So how do they do it? They start by marrying volunteerism to conservation to keep the native habitat intact for the island wildlife.

Never compromising on island hopping excursions or wildlife interaction Lead Adventures offers three week, two week, and 10 day adventures. Guests enjoy the best of what the island is famous for, the social interaction with indigenous wildlife, while positively affecting local ecosystems. Vacationers volunteer a small percentage their Galapagos Adventure to restoration projects on Santa Cruz and San Cristobal Islands. There they eradicate invasive plants, replant endemic trees, maintain vegetable gardens and orchards, help local organic farming efforts and serve at a tortoise breeding center.

Bridging the gap between visitors and locals The True Galapagos Experience gives the impression of what it’s like to live as an islander. Accommodations include hotels with WiFi, rustic project housing, and a hostel in Isabella just steps away from the Puerto Vallamil Beach.
Enrique Torres, Director of Lead Adventures said of The Galapagos Adventure, “The increase in tourism has had an environmental impact on the wildlife that can’t be ignored. This creates a disservice for the locals who will soon be forced to mine the land of its natural resources. Our goal is three-fold. We want our guests to have the time of their lives, help island residents grow produce, and allow the animals to naturally exist unhampered by ‘progress’.”

About Lead Adventures
Lead Adventures is a travel company that specializes in eco-friendly, socially-conscious trips to Ecuador, Peru and the Galapagos Islands. The Quito-Ecuador, based company is focused on giving back to local South American communities via combining tourism with volunteerism.

The Galapagos Experience Pricing Information:

Three Week Experience: $2390
Two Week Experience: $2190
10 Day Experience: $1790


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