Ed4Online Participates in "Joining Forces" Initiative

Online education company employs military veterans and military spouses


Cheyenne, WY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/10/2014 --Ed4Online is delighted to participate in the WhiteHouse.gov “Joining Forces” initiative, a campaign dedicated to helping military spouses gain employment and receive continuing education. The company’s participation in the campaign emphasizes its partnership with CASY-MSCCN, through which Ed4Online has created its “Boots to Books for Paychecks” program.

Ed4Online is committed to joining forces with military families not only in its community, but in communities throughout the United States. As a virtual company, Ed4Online understands the transient nature of military life and feels that employing military spouses is a great way to give back. As families move, military spouses employed with the company take their jobs with them, never missing any time in the workforce.

Ed4Online currently employs full-time military spouses and several part-time spouses, working throughout the United States. The company also has full-time, retired veterans on staff.

“By creating employment opportunities for military service members and their spouses, we’re working to provide two critical things that are often hard to come by: job security and a comfortable military transition,” said Dr. Rusty Barrier, Chief Executive Officer of Ed4Online. “We’re doing everything we can to help these families find and retain their employment, in a way that’s comfortable and sustainable.”

Through its partnership with Corporate America Supports You and the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (CASY-MSCCN), Ed4Online also offers career education opportunities for service members and their families. Through its “Boots to Books for Paychecks” program, the company awards two annual $4,000 scholarships to participants of the initiative: one scholarship to a veteran service member and the other to a military spouse.

“My experiences with MSCCN and Ed4Online have been outstanding. The generous support and ample resources available to me as a military spouse are invaluable, and I am truly grateful for these partners in the military community,” said Kimberly Denz.

Furthering its strive to support military and military spouse education, Ed4Online is also a premier curriculum provider for the MyCAA Scholarship program. Ed4Online believes in life-long learning and feels that both active-duty military and military spouses should have the opportunity to learn without the interruptions that are so often associated with military life.

For more information regarding Ed4Online’s participation in the “Joining Forces” initiative, its partnerships with CASY-MSCCN and MyCAA, or to learn more about its efforts to support active duty and retired military personnel, please visit http://www.ed4online.com/.

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