Eddie's Alien Adventure Makes Reading Fun for All Ages


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/14/2018 --Eddie's Alien Adventure is a new series of books that grows up along with the children reading it. The first portion of the series to launch will be a group of four children's books, geared for children aged 4 to 8. After that will come a middle-grade novel, followed by a young adult (YA) novel.

The story follows a young boy named Eddie, who is lonely and struggling to make friends. In his imagination, he breaks free from the confines of real life and goes on an adventure through space. On his journey, he befriends aliens and discovers UFOs. By the end of the story, Eddie finds that the line between reality and imagination has become blurred, leaving him unsure where his life will take him next.

That story line makes up the four children's books, all illustrated by Andrew McIntosh. The middle-grade novel picks up five years after the first books left off as Eddie tries to uncover what really happened to him during his adventure and what was imaginary. The YA novel continues four years after that, with Eddie now fully immersed in an outer space adventure.

Author Andre C.W. has already written all four picture books and is about halfway through the middle-grade novel. He has created an outline of the story for the YA novel but has not yet written it. Book 1 is already fully illustrated, and Book 2 is in progress.

To help bring Eddie's story to children around the world, the author has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The funds will go towards publishing the first two books and shipping them out to customers. Their ongoing success will continue to fund the rest of the books going forward.

The campaign has a funding goal of USD 6,185, of which it has already raised more than USD 2,200 at the time of this release. The campaign will run until June 28. Those who contribute to the campaign can get a digital copy of the first book for just USD 8. For hard copies, backers will pay USD 15 for Book 1 and USD 23 for Books 1 and 2.

As an added bonus, the author will donate a copy of Book 1 to a hospital for every person who backs the campaign.