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Eddy Home's H2O Sensor Enhances Its Intelligent Water Management Solution

More control for homeowners with the addition of the Eddy H2O sensor to its award-winning Eddy Home Intelligent Water Management Solution.


Toronto, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2017 --Eddy Home Inc. (http://www.eddyhome.com), the award-winning Canadian-owned manufacturer of residential water technologies, is preparing to launch its Eddy H2O sensor, a real-time leak detector with temperature and humidity monitoring, to complement the Eddy Home Intelligent Water Management Solution.

Water damage has recently risen to become the biggest risk facing homeowners, with more than $1 billion in reported insurance claims in 2015. That, coupled with the risk of mold caused by water leaks and the added stress of major home repairs due to damage, has many homeowners looking for proactive solutions that mitigate their risk.

"Eddy Home's suite of products is the solution many homeowners have been anticipating. Our technology provides significant insight into water usage, making homeowners aware of their potential water waste, while continually monitoring for leaks and mitigating any costly damage associated with leaks," detailed Shawn Dym, President of Eddy Home.

The Eddy Home Intelligent Water Management Solution, which consists of the Eddy IQ, a comprehensive smart home water monitor paired with an advanced machine learning back-end, detects abnormal usage patterns to identify various leaks from minor water loss to disastrous pipe burst and mitigate further damage by stopping the flow of water. The Eddy H2O sensor, set for release in June, provides additional real-time water sensing capability to immediately detect leaks in problem areas, such as under water heaters and dishwashers.

The Eddy H2O communicates with the backend through the Eddy Hub, which uses LoRa and takes full advantage of the long-range, deep-penetration, and low-power characteristics. Unlike other sensors, the Eddy H2O can dynamically switch to communicate over LoRaWAN, a carrier-grade infrastructure that is rolling out in North America and around the World. This dual-mode capability makes it suitable for Smart Homes now and Smart Cities in the future.

"The H2O sensor provides additional insights and data for a 360 degree view of a home's water usage and environment, including variances in temperature and humidity, which could signal anything from freezing pipes or to increased susceptibility to mold," commented Joe Deu-Ngoc, Eddy Home's Vice President of Technology. "With the use of LoRa technology, our sensors have enhanced connectivity, range, and penetration, ensuring that our solution captures all water issues and abnormalities anywhere within a home – on the top floor bathroom or in a basement utility room under the water heater."

About Eddy Home
Launched in 2015, Eddy Home is committed to helping homeowners control and conserve water usage by combining smart water sensing with the Internet of Things. Recently awarded the 2017 Most Innovative Product of the Year by EnerQuality, Eddy Home provides services to thousands of homes.

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