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LocaModa Wiffiti Beta Program Offers Premium Features To EdTech Market


Cambridge, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2012 --LocaModa today launched its wiffiti (why-fee-tee, short for 'wireless graffiti') beta program for the education market. The beta program is in response to unanticipated demand outside of LocaModa’s core market, when more than 100,000 wiffiti boards were created by teachers and other educators to engage students via their phones.

LocaModa helps brands engage audiences via social networks and mobile phones and on screens in places like Madison Square Garden, Times Square, health clubs, colleges and cafes reaching over 100 million people each month. LocaModa discovered that brands are not alone in wrestling with the challenge of keeping their audiences’ attention. Over the past six months, enterprising teachers have been using LocaModa’s wiffiti boards to help make their classes more interactive and stimulating.

Stephen Randall, CEO LocaModa commented, “It might seem obvious today, but just like brands, teachers are becoming increasingly aware that they cannot win attention away from social media or phones simply by requesting that their students turn their phones off. Effective communicators leverage all possible screens to ensure their message is seen, heard and remembered. The classroom is no exception. Teachers have to use whatever screens they can to attract their students’ attention – the mobile screen in a student’s hand, a web screen on their desk or a smart screen in the front of the class.”

The wiffiti beta program offers early access to two specific versions for educators: free and lite. The Ed Tech beta program includes standard rate text messaging for free. Moderation tools that were only included in LocaModa’s enterprise versions are also included, enabling teachers to block or delete messages or users. For more details see Product Comparison Details below.

Wiffiti is being used in several ways by educators (see below, a list of books covering wiffiti in schools) – for debates, or quizzes where students use their phones to text or tweet an answer to a screen at the front of the class.

To request an invitation to the beta program, go to www.wiffiti.com

Stephen Randall is speaking at the 2012 Digital Signage Expo, March 8th at 9.00 am in “An Interactive Shootout: Digital Convergence Fact Vs Fiction.

The wiffiti beta program offers early access to two specific versions for educators: free and lite with the following features:

- Follow Twitter users
- Anonymous User Names (great way to engage shy students)
- Follow Twitter hashtags
- Photo to Screen: Instagram, Twitpic, yfrog & more
- Text to Screen
- Web To Screen
- Facebook to Screen
- In-line Questions/Promotion
- G-Rated Filters
- Zap (quick delete all displayed messages)
- Online Support

Lite - includes all free features plus:
- Moderation tool
- Email to screen
- Post Screen Delete (click individual messages via web)
- Vanity Board ID
- Access/Security features
- Analytics and Reporting
- Hide URLs

For more information, or to request an invitation to the beta program, go to http://www.wiffiti.com

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