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Educational Toy Start-Up on a Mission to Get America Inventing Again

A recent study shows that China filed more US patents in the last year than the United States; which China’s leaders believe will be their key to becoming a leader in innovation.


Redding, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/16/2014 --North America has fallen to seventeenth place in international ranking of innovation. Our schools are woefully deficit in innovation education and curriculum; and our educators do not have access to real world innovation and training.  Founder and CEO of Hanz Toys, Nicholas Webb wants to change that.
"We are far more than an educational toy company- we are on a mission to provide free educational resources and platforms to US educators to help them get kids interested in science, technology, engineering and math also known as STEM," says Webb.   The toys are designed to get kids reengaged in innovation, but to also to explore their creativity, and challenge their imagination.
Hanz toys were developed after world-renowned Innovation expert Nicholas Webb observed that his son was playing with toys that were actually teaching him replication instead of innovation. After some research he discovered that kids were not receiving any innovation training as part of their school curriculum.  Webb decided he wanted to make the same curriculum that he uses with his corporate clients available free to teachers and schools. 
"We developed a wide range of free resources to support teachers, and especially underserved schools," says Webb. Hanz not only wants to teach iterative ideation and collaboration to schools and teachers, but they want to help kids and educators find the tools to get America inventing again. Through the generosity of corporate sponsors and partners, Hanz provides over a hundred free Inventor Labs annually to qualified underserved schools. The free educator training program provides instruction that aligns with both STEM and the new core standards.
According to the US Department of Education only 16 percent of America's high school students are proficient in math or interested in a STEM career. This has prompted the government to propose to make STEM education a priority in schools, and train our next generation of innovators.  They believe that innovation is the key to global leadership, and will greatly benefit young people entering the workforce.
About Hanz
Hanz is a for-profit business with the philosophy of a non-for-profit. They volunteer to speak at schools, museums, and community events. They also provide products for Teach for America, and sponsor the "Get America Inventing Challenge".  The purpose of the challenge is to find ways to get kids reengaged in innovation, creative problem solving, and all of the disciplines of STEM.  
Hanz believes that kids are the keys to our future, and that the future is worth preserving. The toys allow both kids and adults alike to create three-dimensional puzzles that explore the depths of their imagination and open a door to new ideas and inventions.
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