Educators Can Optimize Learning Experience Using FlipHTML5 Free E-Book Publisher

Educators can create e-books with interactive features such as search options, self-assessment quizzes and more to optimize their learning experience.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/23/2019 --E-books are versatile and can be used as manuals, presentations, newsletters, reports and more. They can be used by enterprises to promote their online business, by educators to impart knowledge to virtual learners or enhance learning materials through video presentations, or by authors to publish novels, poems, fiction stories and much more. The free e-book publisher from FlipHTML5 empowers users with tools, features and the skills to create electronic books with graphics, animations, and videos and make them more engaging and persuasive to readers. They can publish their e-books in various formats to allow easy access and sharing.

"Our free e-book software comes with multiple interactive features that help readers react to content," said Anna Lee, Designer of FlipHTML5. "The search tool will help readers find topics and words instantly and also enable them to bookmark chapters and pages for reading later on. Since the e-books are accessible on mobile and other electronic devices, readers can adjust the brightness, change the font style and size to get better reading experiences."

FlipHTML5 is an excellent choice for educators who wish to create e-books with interactive features such as page zoom, search options, annotations, pen tools and more. Students accessing e-books created by the free e-book publisher can highlight content and make notes easily. Users can design e-books embedded with interactive self-assessment quizzes and exercises that allow students to test their knowledge and get instant feedback. This optimizes the learning experience and turns it into an engaging and fun event for the readers. E-books make students proactively interact with learning materials through animations, videos, augmented reality and more.

"Users can create multiple e-books and collect them in stunning bookcases embedded into their websites for readers to get a variety of books relevant to their needs," continued Anna Lee. "Armed with tools to create their own homepages, SEO-optimized e-books, their own domains and branded publications and more, users have multiple sharing options to make their e-books and brands known to the world."

E-books created through the free e-book publisher can be used by entrepreneurs to lure potential clients to their websites with promotional content. They can build brand reputation and promote their products and services online. Customers can get in-depth information regarding products and get solutions to their pain points at the same time. E-books can be published in different formats to make publishing easy. The various formats allow for smooth online and offline sharing with users.

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