EDUsquared Launches to Help Students Pick a Major While Saving $10k in College Tuition

Designed to help students understand career choices, pick a college major, and maximize financial assistance, EDUsquared saves time and money. With two comprehensive courses, the new online video training resource teaches students and parents how to pay for college and allows students to graduate with a marketable degree.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2015 --Facing a plethora of potential debt, students and their parents need a leg up on managing the college decision-making process. Today's average student will graduate with over $35,000 in debt and possibly a degree not valued by the market, but there's an answer: EDUsquared. is a new site dedicated to finding students the best majors, paying for college, and giving unbiased college advice. This program is designed to offer hope to the 70% of freshmen who start school undeclared while the video modules cover potential career paths in detail. EDUsquared also teaches viewers how to choose a college that's right for them while maximizing federal grants and scholarships.

Designed to give useful strategies for reducing tuition and choosing a major, both the College Solutions Course and the College Savings Course use videos to simplify the process 10 minutes at a time.

The College Solutions Course video learning modules are split into seven main categories.

The first category is College Basics and includes:

- The difference between private and public schools
- In-state vs. out-of-state colleges
- Evaluation of cost differences
- How to pay for school
- Sources of money
- Career personality testing
- Job market analysis
- Life after college - loan repayment, refinancing, budgets, cost of living calculators and career progression

Areas of study included in the remaining six modules include Business, Engineering, Maths and Sciences, Liberal Arts, Design and Arts, Education, Journalism, and Public Affairs.

With practicality as a working principal, EDUsquared underscores the scope of each major, curriculum, salary, and daily activities associated with relevant jobs often times bringing in guests with careers in a particular field to interview!

Daniel Haitz, Founder and CEO of gives more insight: "I use this example often, but today the college path is a lot like if you went to a car dealership and plunked down $15,000 before you test drove your car. You don't know anything about the car, but are having to pay A LOT to learn about it and get the hang of it. Sounds insane right? Well, students have been doing that with college for the last decade and we wanted to do something about it."

Taking money into account, the College Savings Course highlights the "down and dirty tricks" of reducing the cost of college. This program covers step-by-step strategies to demystify the process and target additional funding. Net price calculators are available as is worthy news on FAFSA with hand holding instruction on what to target. This innovative program covers how each part of the process impacts results and gives resourceful actions to take along the way.

Adam Karren, Co-founder of EDUsquared said of the site's mission, "Daniel and I started the site because we saw too many of our friends putting their lives on hold while they braced themselves for their children's future college debt. At the same time, we saw high schools preparing kids to get into college, but giving little direction on what to do once they got there. We knew we could change that and that is what we set out to do."

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About EDUsquared
EDUsquared is an online video resource that equips parents and students for identifying a marketable major and paying for college. The site also educates viewers on how to find the "right fit" in schools regardless of the applicant's demographic status, academic achievement, or career goals.

Daniel Haitz
Founder & CEO

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